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Below are a selection of Case Studies from WCCTV's existing Body Worn Camera client base.

Network Rail MOM Thumbnail

Case Study: Network Rail - Western Mobile Operations Managers

Network Rail Mobile Operations Managers (MOMs), operating throughout Network Rail's Route in the western regions of England, have deployed WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras.

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Kingdom Thumbnail

Case Study: Kingdom Security - Body Worn Cameras for Retail Stores

Kingdom security officers working in retail environments have been equipped with WCCTV's body cameras.

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Supermarket security guard wearing body camera

Case Study: Total Security Services (TSS) - Body Worn Cameras for Retail Stores

TSS (Total Security Services) security personnel working in major supermarkets across the UK have been equipped with WCCTV body cameras.

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Guildford Banner

Case Study: Guildford Borough Council - Body Worn Camera Solution

Guildford Borough Council is in a continuous battle with environmental crime and have opted to tackle this by utilising WCCTV Body Worn Cameras.

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North Lanarkshire Banner

Case Study: North Lanarkshire Council - Body Worn Camera Solution

North Lanarkshire Council's Anti-Social Behaviour team have been equipped with WCCTV Body Worn Cameras to enhance their safety.

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Leicester Uni Banner

Case Study: University of Leicester - University Security Team

The University of Leicester’s security team manages 23 university estates. They have recently deployed WCCTV body cameras for enhanced safety.

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WCCTV Body Worn Cameras for Northern Rail

Case Study: Northern Trains Ltd - Body Worn Camera Trial

Northern Trains Ltd trial WCCTV body worn cameras at 21 depots between Buxton/Sheffield and Carlisle to protect their frontline staff.

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WCCTV Body Worn Cameras for Network Rail Staff

Case Study: Network Rail - Southern Route Stations

There are over 544 stations in the Southern region, used by 700 million passenger journeys each year. Network Rail have deployed WCCTV body worn cameras to protect their staff.

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Essex NHS - WCCTV Body Camera Case Study

Case Study: Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust have equipped ward staff with WCCTV's body worn cameras to enhance personal and public safety.

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WCCTV Body Worn Cameras for Civil Enforcement Officers Case Study

Case Study: OCS Cambridgeshire

OCS Group, who provide civil parking enforcement services for Cambridgeshire Council, have equipped all their officers with WCCTV Body Worn Cameras to improve personal safety.

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Paddington Central

Case Study: Paddington Central

Paddington Central operate a large estate with late-night bars and restaurants, they recently deployed WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras to assist with protecting their lone workers against aggressive behaviour.

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Watford FC Logo

Case Study: Watford Football Club

WCCTV's Body Worn Video Solutions allow Watford FC to capture evidence when attending reports of incidents before, during and after the matches at Vicarage Road.

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Morrison Utility Services

Case Study: Morrison Utility Services

WCCTV’s Body Cameras allow Morrison Utility Services to review working practices and safety measures when performing utility maintenance works both retrospectively and in real-time.

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WCCTV Homerton BWC

Case Study: Homerton University Hospital - NHS

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras protect security personnel and nursing staff who have faced verbal threats and physical assault whilst performing their vital work.

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WCCTV Case Study - Sheffield City Council

WCCTV Case Study: Sheffield City Council

Sheffield City council have deployed 40 WCCTV body worn cameras to protect civil enforcement officers across the city.

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Babcock & Network Rail Body Worn Cameras

Case Study: Network Rail

WCCTV provided body worn cameras to rail workers involved in track replacement work during the GNRP in Newcastle.

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Rochdale TCM

Case Study: Rochdale Town Centre Management

Rochdale TCM use Body Worn Cameras to protect lone workers, act as a deterrent and to monitor any incidents of anti-social behaviour throughout the town Centre.

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East Midlands Trains

Case Study: East Midlands Trains

East Midlands Trains were provided with WCCTV’s Body Worn Camera (Connect) for their Revenue Protection Officers.

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