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Paddington Central is a large estate that consists of late bars and restaurants. They are committed to the safety and wellbeing of their employees and all who visit the complex. 

The Challenge

Rail staff have encountered several instances of aggression, public disorder and anti-social behaviour whilst performing their day-to-day roles.

This is coupled with having to challenge instances of unauthorised parking. When trying to move people on, they would often be challenged with aggressive behaviour towards their security staff.

To improve worker safety and reduce the occurrence of violence, Network Rail decided to equip their public-facing teams with body cameras, given their ability to reduce conflict and confrontation. 

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The Solution 

WCCTV were selected as the preferred supplier of body worn cameras for Network Rail following a proof of concept trial and a period of consultation and acceptance testing. 

The station's Security Manager was particularly impressed with how easy the cameras are to operate and the immediate impact they had on reducing violence toward the team. 

Uniquely, WCCTV body worn cameras feature a front-facing screen, which allows a subject to see they are being recorded. This has a proven behavioural change impact, which helps to de-escalate potential hostile situations. 

Alongside the cameras, WCCTV provided the station staff with Evidence Management Software, allowing authorised personnel to quickly review and share the videos captured on the cameras when required. 


The Result

Having the body cameras has delivered immediate and measurable improvements in personal safety for station staff. 

Paddington Central currently use the WCCTV Body Worn Cameras for two manned positions. The first one being for the Gatehouse entry point, this is the main point for all deliveries and contractors arriving by vehicle. The second one for the entry barrier onto the estate; this is a customer-focused area and can be challenging for the team.

The WCCTV Body Worn Cameras are turned on when the security guards are required to refuse someone entry. The remaining cameras are being used for patrols of the facility, and when the team come across an incident or an issue that needs to be reported, the camera is used to record.

The Quote

“The cameras give the team reassurance of any complaints made against them; having a good body camera on show is a good deterrent and an excellent witness."

"Having a professional camera on show helps the Security officer’s confidence."

"They look and feel robust, and having the data transferred by as simply putting it into the hub is a convenient solution for a bust Security control room.”

Security Manager, Paddington Central

WCCTV Body Worn Camera Distribution

WCCTV operate a global reseller programme for its Body Worn Cameras, we are always happy to hear from potential resellers in appropriate sectors.

Ideally we are looking to partner with established security services or equipment providers who can facilitate direct sales and provide ongoing technical support in-territory.

If you want to be a part of the continued WCCTV success story, please contact a representative on +44 (0) 800 470 4630 or email

WCCTV Value Added Reseller Programme

WCCTV provides its partners with access to unique Body Worn Cameras, comprehensive training and technical support to enable them to maximise sales in their territory.

There are multiple benefits to partnering with WCCTV. These include gaining access to unique UK manufactured products, comprehensive sales training and ongoing technical support to enable you to maximise sales within your territory, region or market sector.

WCCTV provides its partners with leads generated from its popular websites as well as leads generated from its ongoing global exhibition programme.

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