WCCTV are a leading manufacturer of rapid deployment video, Body Cameras and Time Lapse Video services.

WCCTV's systems are Verizon Wireless Certified for 4G LTE live video applications, and are ideal for temporary, mobile, semi-permanent applications or off-grid monitoring applications.

WCCTV provides unrivalled customer support, and focuses on continual technical product development to meet its customers changing needs and requirements.

WCCTV’s customer-focused wireless surveillance systems are utilized by Municipal and Federal Government, Law Enforcement and Homeland Security organizations, oil and gas providers and contractors as well as commercial organizations and integrators.

The Company provides covert, overt and bespoke systems on a sale or rental basis, and can provide standalone systems or a fully tailored and managed service package to meet your requirements.


t:  +1 877 805-9475 | e: sales@wcctv.com

WCCTV provides event security for City of Richardson

WCCTV's rapid deployment video systems were chosen to provide security at City of Richardson's annual WildFlower Festival.