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Solar Surveillance Trailer at Retail Lot
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Mobile Video Surveillance

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras, backed by a fully managed service.

Our portable, cellular-based units are specifically designed for temporary security or targeted surveillance applications.

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Construction Job Site

Construction Jobsite Security

Protect your job sites from security threats including theft, trespass, and vandalism with with WCCTV live monitored surveillance cameras.

Police Blue Lights

Law Enforcement

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units augment law enforcement by allowing for targeted overt or covert surveillance of high crime areas.

Retail Parking Lot

Parking Lot Security

WCCTV's LotGuard units help you see, secure, and manage your parking lots and properties in real-time.

Government Building

Government Agencies

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance cameras are a budget-efficient solution for government agencies seeking to protect people, property, public works and utilities.

WCCTV Pole Camera and Surveillance Trailer

About Us

WCCTV is a global-leading supplier of mobile video surveillance solutions

WCCTV's products include rapid-deployment pole-mounted security cameras, solar-powered surveillance trailers, and time lapse video filming and production - all optimized for secure cellular video transmission.

Every WCCTV product can be backed by a managed service that includes installation, video monitoring, connectivity packages, alarm monitoring, ongoing US-based technical support, and training for the lifetime of all products. 

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Market Leading Surveillance Cameras

Why choose WCCTV?

We proudly supply the highest quality video surveillance technology and services, developed with the unique needs of our clients in mind. 

Our customer-first approach means we can offer unmatched benefits including: 

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WCCTV has over 20 years of experience providing market-leading mobile video surveillance solutions to blue-chip companies across the US and beyond.

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Rapid Deployment Surveillance

Get security and surveillance coverage when and where you need it, fast. Our cameras can be deployed in under 20 minutes with plug-and-play simplicity. 

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Autonomous Operation

With WCCTV's surveillance units, there's no need for power or internet hookups at your locations. We offer full solar-powering options and video transmission via LTE technology to provide security practically anywhere.

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Fully Managed Service

All WCCTV surveillance units can be provided as part of a fully managed surveillance service, including equipment installation, alarm monitoring, US-based technical support, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance.

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Budget Efficiency

With reduced installation cost, no upfront purchase necessary, and the ability to phase out the need for expensive security guards, WCCTV offers the highest ROI when it comes to surveillance.

Our products

Industry Leading Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

Different environments and security challenges demand different solutions. WCCTV has developed a complete range of mobile surveillance units to meet all requirements. 

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Pole Cameras


Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailers


Time Lapse Video


LPR Solutions



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