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Solar Surveillance Trailers

WCCTV's solar surveillance trailers are the ultimate mobile video surveillance solution. Their portability and autonomous operation mean they can be deployed and relocated within minutes, allowing you to quickly bring cameras, lights, audio, and other security devices wherever they are needed.

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Surveillance where and when you need it

Relocatable, Autonomous Security

WCCTV solar surveillance trailers deliver complete autonomy on every level. 

They are self-powered, with high-performance solar panels supporting an ultra-long-run battery pack, making them ideal for off-grid locations, temporary security applications, or any site without power facilities. 

Our cellular video transmission technology means they're also completely autonomous in terms of connectivity. Set your security free with WCCTV.

  • Deploy anywhere in minutes
  • No need for power, internet, or camera mounting platforms
  • 24/7/365 access via our free software

The Benefits of Solar Trailers

Any Location. Any Application.

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Trailers


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Features and Benefits

Solar Surveillance Trailers

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Rapid Deployment

A WCCTV solar surveillance trailer can be installed and operational in under 20 minutes without any complicated setup process. 

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Security threats and surveillance requirements constantly evolve, don't get stuck with static, unmovable cameras. WCCTV solar trailers can be quickly relocated to close your security gaps.

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Autonomous Operation

Solar powering provides complete autonomy for off-grid deployments and the flexibility to locate cameras where human eyes can't reach. 

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Remote Connectivity

Cellular transmission technology provides access to live and recorded footage any time, anywhere, from any device via our free mobile app or desktop software. 

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Advanced Camera Tech

Every solar trailer can be fitted with WCCTV's pole cameras, delivering PTZ control, HD imagery day or night, and power zoom capabilities. 

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Deterrent Factor

At 20ft tall, the solar trailer is an immediate show of force at your locations. We build on this by adding loudspeakers, flashing lights, and sirens to stop criminals in their tracks.

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Use Cases for Solar Surveillance Trailers

Construction Job Site Security

WCCTV's autonomously powered Solar Surveillance Trailers can be deployed to practically any construction job site to provide immediate proactive security.

Standing at 20ft high, they are a powerful visual show of force, warning thieves and trespassers that your sites are protected by high-tech surveillance units. 

Construction Site Security

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Use Cases for Solar Surveillance Trailers

Law Enforcement

WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailers can be deployed to any location to deliver surveillance in high crime areas or public safety during events.

They enhance security at locations without fixed power or video transmission infrastructure or for short-term deployment during holiday periods, at major events, or in parking lots.

Law Enforcement Surveillance Cameras

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Use Cases for Solar Surveillance Trailers

Parking Lot Security

WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailers help to deter, mitigate, and report criminal activities in a parking lot environment, regardless of onsite power or internet access.

They can be installed in minutes, providing immediate security for your parking lots, and can easily be relocated should your surveillance priorities change.

LotGuard by WCCTV

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A more flexible and convenient solution to your security and surveillance challenges is just a step away. Get in touch with our security experts and let us know how we can help. 

Product Use Cases

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement utilize WCCTV surveillance units to deliver temporary security or targeted surveillance.

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Construction Site Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units and managed services allows construction site owners to see, manage, document, and secure their sites

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Critical Infrastructure

WCCTV's rapid deployment, portable surveillance cameras and managed services enhance security at critical infrastructure locations

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Whether you need to secure a park, property, public utility, highway, event, or parking lot - WCCTV has you covered.