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The Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring vs. Security Guards

Weighing up your options for an active surveillance system, there is usually a choice between “I work with security guards” or “We have remote video monitoring.”

Both services offer great features, but only one of these offers significant cost and reliability advantages.

At WCCTV, we have been providing mobile video surveillance units backed by remote monitoring services since 2001.

We has drawn on this experience to create the information below on how the benefits of remote video monitoring outweigh a security guard.

The Benefis of Remote Video Monitoring Vs Security Guards

Which Solution is most effective at stopping crime?

Security guards are often seen as providing a strong onsite presence, offering a high deterrence factor and quick speed of response.

However, the drawbacks to utilising guards are common human factors that cannot be avoided, such as being sick or distracted, and so on.

Furthermore, they can only see as far as their line of sight. So, unless a team of security guards is stationed throughout the property (which would be highly costly), there will be multiple blind spots across your site.

On the other side of the coin, it’s arguable that mobile surveillance units can provide a strongest visual deterrent.

WCCTV's mobile surveillance trailer stands 20ft tall, an imposing presence that let’s would-be intruders know that your site is protected.

Our surveillance trailer can be fitted with up to 4 security cameras with a powerful infrared PTZ camera that captures crystal clear HD imagery day or night, whatever the weather.

Unlike security guards our mobile surveillance units:

  • Never get tired and never take a break

  • Can see in complete darkness, up to 650ft

  • Capture video evidence for law enforcement investigation

  • Provide additional benefits like project management and time-lapse video recording

  • Can proactively stop a criminal in real time with no risk of harm

  • Improve your environmental impact

Remote video monitoring - WCCTV

The Cost Difference

Guards are a highly costly security solution, they can range from $20/hour to £100/hour and up, depending on level of experience.

WCCTV mobile video surveillance cameras backed by remote alarm monitoring could save up to 85%* on your security costs compared to a security guard.

We recently published an article on how to reduce your security costs; click below to read more.

Read More on Reducing Your Security Costs by 85%

Plus, unlike security guards, remote video monitoring provides additional benefits that deliver a stronger return on investment.

For example, a project manager running multiple sites can check on each job site to ensure health and safety measures are being followed, crew has turned in for their shift, and that all progress is on track.

A Hybrid Approach

Using remote video monitoring and a security guard will benefit organizations, where surveillance cameras help guards expand their field of vision and awareness.

Remote video monitoring is a force multiplier, allowing for extra eyes on the ground, so a single guard gains the visibility of a team of guards. But it also offers something that security guards don’t, a strong security presence when no one is on site.

Also, this gives organizations the flexibility to develop an optimal security strategy, such as having a security guard on site during business hours, with remote video monitoring taking the night shift or replacing them altogether.

To sum up, if your budget can only stretch to one security solution, surveillance technology is the obvious choice.

WCCTV - Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Job Sites

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance cameras. For over 20 years, we have led the way in technological capability and the number of security units deployed globally.

Typical use cases for our proactive, cost-effective, managed surveillance cameras include:

  • Construction Site Security

  • Oil, Gas, and Energy Facility Security

  • Parking Lot Security

  • Major Events Security

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