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WCCTV recognizes the ongoing challenges we all face related to climate change, and we are fully committed to minimizing our impact on the environment in every area of our business.


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Minimizing Impact. Maximizing Value

Our Commitment 

Taking care of the environment is no longer just an afterthought; it is a critical social concern. 

At WCCTV, we have set out a clear roadmap to a more sustainable future with a view to giving back more than we take from the environment. 

A key part of our environmentally conscious focus is reducing our carbon footprint.

From transitioning to energy-efficient lighting systems in our offices to investing in renewable energy, we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030.

We want to lead by example and seek out innovations and best practices to lessen our environmental impact. We are committed to reducing our energy consumption, travelling more sustainably, increasing recycling, and managing waste disposal.

Making a Positive Impact

Our Actions

Just talking about a more sustainable future is not enough; we want to be judged by our actions and goals. Our actions so far include:

  • Solar Power: We introduced a roadmap for our HQ to operate on 70% solar power by 2025, reducing our carbon footprint substantially.
  • LED Lights: We are transitioning to LED lighting across all our locations, saving thousands of kilowatt-hours annually.
  • Recycling: Our comprehensive recycling program diverts over 90% of our waste away from landfills
  • Local Sourcing: We prioritize sourcing goods from local suppliers to reduce transportation emissions.
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): Over 30% of our corporate fleet has been replaced with hybrid/electric vehicles, and we provide charging stations for employees to encourage EV use.
  • Green Training: All staff undergo regular training on best environmental practices both in the workplace and at home.

By implementing these initiatives, we’re lessening our environmental impact and positively contributing to a more sustainable future. 

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Our Roadmap

Environmental Targets

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We are committed to reducing our emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieving Net Zero by 2040.

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We will ensure that 90% of the suppliers and partners we work with comply with sustainability standards by 2025. 

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We will train 100% of employees on sustainability practices by 2024, and communicate our objectives internally on an ongoing basis. 

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Continue to reduce our energy consumption by utilizing renewable resources and efficient lighting across all new and existing facilities. 

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Efficient Products

Solar Powered Video Surveillance

The design of our mobile video surveillance cameras allows our client base to meet their own environmental objectives. 

Our cameras can be fully powered by renewable energy sources, including solar power, meaning they are highly convenient for off-grid locations but also help support the environment. 

Our solar-powered products produce electricity without emitting greenhouse gases, which are a primary contributor to climate change.

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