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LPR Solutions

WCCTV's LPR solutions enhance security and investigations by utilizing specialist surveillance technology to detect, capture, log, and look-up vehicle license plates.

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High Accuracy Evidence

Mobile LPR Cameras

WCCTV's LPR Cameras capture accurate license plate scans in any weather or lighting conditions from vehicles travelling at up to 130mph. 

Standard security cameras will struggle to provide high-quality video in these conditions, but an LPR camera will deliver usable images every time. 

WCCTV's 4G Mini Dome + LPR delivers the best of both worlds - full situational overview video produced in 1080p HD quality from the pole camera and crystal images of vehicle license plate details from the LPR camera. 

This integrated solution is also fully portable, and can be easily relocated in surveillance priorities change.

The Benefits of LPR Cameras

Scan. Search. Secure

LPR Solutions That Deliver Results


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High Accuracy Evidence Gathering

Benefits of WCCTV LPR Cameras

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Targeted Surveillance

WCCTV's LPR Cameras deliver high-accuracy licence plate reads to assist with evidence gathering and targeted surveillance applications. 

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Remote Connectivity

The system harnesses the cellular connectivity, local recording (up to 4TB), and 360° PTZ field of vision of the WCCTV Mini Dome to provide a complete situational overview.

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Detect and Report

WCCTV LPR systems have access to a nationally hosted LPR data server allowing for investigation, management, vehicle hotlisting, and more. 

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If your surveillance and evidence-gathering applications change, WCCTV's LPR solutions are uniquely portable and can be quickly moved to new locations. 

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Rapid Deployment

Get surveillance cover when and where you need it most, fast. Our cameras are plug-and-play and require no specialist installation or set-up.

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Internal Diagnostics

WCCTV's cameras feature our built-in diagnostics platform, WCCTV Heartbeat, which continually checks your cameras are at optimal performance levels. 

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Use Cases for LPR Solutions

Law Enforcement Surveillance

LPR cameras are the ultimate evidence-gathering tool. They provide Law Enforcement agencies with critical, indisputable video footage to investigate crimes and secure arrests. 

WCCTV's LPR solutions allow for fully autonomous video surveillance, removing officers' requirements to manually monitor or review video footage.

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Use Cases for LPR Solutions

Parking Lot Security

WCCTV's rapid deployment LPR cameras assist property managers and HOAs by enhancing safety and security around parking facilities and communities.

LPR cameras can help manage access control by linking them to an entry/exit gate, log vehicles entering and exiting the parking area, and assist with any investigations should crimes occur.

WCCTV LotGuard

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Use Cases for LPR Solutions

Construction Job Site Security

Construction sites can be dark and poorly lit, so standard-definition security cameras might not deliver the video evidence required to help law enforcement investigate crime and secure arrests. 

An LPR camera will capture license plate details no matter how dark your job sites get so that any unwelcome visitors can be promptly tracked by law enforcement. 

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Case Study

East Hampton Police Department

As a proactive and community-oriented law enforcement agency, the East Hampton Police Department is committed to protecting its community.

The Department was presented with the challenge of balancing providing video surveillance coverage on the main thoroughfares of local towns whilst still providing high-quality security cameras to prevent and investigate crimes such as theft, illegal dumping and gang crimes.

WCCTV provided East Hampton PD with a WCCTV 4G Mini Dome + LPR Pole Camera to meet these requirements.

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Product Use Cases

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Whether you need to secure a park, property, public utility, highway, event, or parking lot - WCCTV has you covered.

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement utilize WCCTV surveillance units to deliver temporary security or targeted surveillance.

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LotGuard Parking Lot Security

LotGuard is a complete solution for parking lot security. See, secure, and manage your lots and properties in real-time.

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Construction Site Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units and managed services allows construction site owners to see, manage, document, and secure their sites