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LPR Solutions

Mini Dome Solar Trailer with LPR

WCCTV's Mini Dome Solar Trailer + LPR combines autonomously-powered rapid deployment mobile video surveillance with automatic license plate recognition technology.

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A LotGuard Pro Surveillance Trailer at Parking Lot

Rapid Deployment Intelligence Gathering

Mini Dome Solar Trailer + LPR

It takes just minutes to install a Mini Dome + LPR Trailer at your locations, and they can easily be moved as your surveillance applications change.

They can be deployed to locations without any fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission and can assist with a range of safety and security applications including:

  • Data collection along highways
  • Access control for job sites or commercial parking lots
  • Tackling crimes such as illegal dumping
  • Traffic or parking violations

The trailer can be fitted with up to 4 cameras, including WCCTV Pole Cameras and LPR cameras. 

The Benefits of LPR Cameras

Portable Surveillance Cameras

WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer + LPR


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Accurate Licence Plate Capture

Benefits of WCCTV LPR Cameras

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High Accuracy LPR

WCCTV's specialized LPR camera tech delivers high-accuracy licence plate reads day or night, in any weather conditions from vehicles travelling up to 130mph.

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Rapid Deployment

WCCTV's Solar Trailers are designed for rapid installation, and there's no complicated installed process. Get total security and surveillance in under 20 minutes.

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Autonomous Power

Flexible and reliable solar powering options enable to WCCTV Solar Trailer to be deployed to any loff grid location regardless of fixed power availability.

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Surveillance and security changes are constantly evolving, so we've designed our units to be portable and easy to relocate. If your requirements change, just change the location of your cameras.

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Evidence Gathering

Build out a comprehensive case file with access to our free viewing software, mobile app, and access to a nationally hosted LPR data server. 

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Ongoing Healthchecks

All WCCTV surveillance units contain our built-in remote diagnostic tool, WCCTV Heartbeat, which continually checks the cameras are operating at optimal levels. 

Law Enforcement Patrol Cars

Use Cases for Mini Dome Solar Trailer with LPR

Law Enforcement Surveillance

WCCTV's rapid deployment LPR units help augment law enforcement efforts by delivering high-quality video evidence to assist with crime prevention and investigation.

The units can be deployed to address issues such as business and parking lot security, illegal dumping, and transportation management.

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Parking Lot Above

Use Cases for Mini Dome Solar Trailer with LPR

Parking Lot Security

The volume of traffic and footfall in parking facilities means they are a natural attraction for crimes including vehicle theft, loitering, encampments, catalytic convertor theft and more. 

Strategically positioned LPR units can help property managers address these issues at a fraction of the cost of security guarding services.

WCCTV LotGuard

Construction Site Above

Use Cases for Mini Dome Solar Trailer with LPR

Construction Job Site Management

LPR cameras can assist with a variety of challenges around construction job sites. Cameras placed by entrance points can help site managers track and control access.

The units can also enhance security around site, capturing video evidence of suspicious vehicles day or night, whatever the weather or lighting conditions. 

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Police Surveillance Cameras and Solar Trailers

Construction Project

Construction Jobsite Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units and managed services allows construction site owners to see, manage, document, and secure their sites

Parking Lot Retail Stores

LotGuard Parking Lot Security

LotGuard is a complete solution for parking lot security. See, secure, and manage your lots and properties in real-time.

Highway Infrastructure

Traffic and Highways

WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras help improve safety and security across highways and transport networks.