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LPR Solutions

4G IR Mini Dome with LPR

WCCTV’s combined rapid deployment pole camera and LPR system utilizes a WCCTV Pole Camera's additional input channels to integrate a specialized License Plate Recognition Camera.

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Targeted Video Surveillance

4G Mini Dome + LPR

The 4G Mini Dome + LPR is a unique all-in-one mobile video surveillance system that combines all the benefits of WCCTV's pole camera range with license place recognition technology for enhanced crime reduction and security applications.

The system harnesses the 4G LTE, local recording (up to 4TB), and 360° PTZ field of vision of the WCCTV Mini Dome to provide a complete situational overview.

Simultaneously, the LPR camera delivers crystal-clear images of license plates in all weather and lighting conditions.

The LPR camera captures and stores images of license plates and converts them into a text database.

The Benefits of LPR Cameras

Portable LPR Technology

WCCTV Mini Dome + LPR

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Plug and Play Evidence Gathering

Benefits of WCCTV LPR Cameras

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High Accuracy LPR

WCCTV's specialized LPR cameras capture crystal clear images of vehicle plates in any lighting or weather conditions from vehicles travelling at up to 130mph. 

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Rapid Deployment

WCCTV mobile surveillance units offer tru plug-and-play capability with installation times of under 20 minutes. Get surveillance coverage when and where you need it, fast. 

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WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are designed to be quick and easy to relocate to adapt to changing and evolving surveillance requirements. 

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Remote Connectivity

WCCTV specialist cellular transmission platform allows all cameras to be viewed and operated remotely via our free mobile app and desktop software. 

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Advanced Intelligence

WCCTV LPR solutions come with access to a nationally hosted LPR database to assist with investigations and case building. 

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Internal Diagnostics

WCCTV's remote diagnostics tool, WCCTV Heartbeat, continually checks the health of your cameras to provide complete peace of mind that everything is operating as it should. 

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Use Cases for 4G IR Mini Dome with LPR

Law Enforcement Surveillance

WCCTV's LPR cameras assist law enforcement with indisputable evidence gathering, helping with a range of crime reduction and investigation applications.

The cameras can be deployed along highways, in parking lots, or in high-crime areas, and quickly be relocated should surveillance priorities change. 

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Use Cases for 4G IR Mini Dome with LPR

Parking Lot Security

The strategic deployment of LPR cameras in parking environments can assist property managers with a range of crime reduction and safety applications. 

The cameras can be used to gather evidence of crimes committed, as well as being utilized to manage access in and out of communities. 

WCCTV LotGuard

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Use Cases for 4G IR Mini Dome with LPR

Construction Site Security

LPR cameras can provide a number of safety and security benefits at construction job sites by capturing high-quality video evidence no matter the time of day or weather conditions. 

Manage who comes and goes from your sites in real-time, review evidence of any burglaries or incidents, and protect your business from losses with LPR units. 

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement utilize WCCTV surveillance units to deliver temporary security or targeted surveillance.

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Construction Site Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units and managed services allows construction site owners to see, manage, document, and secure their sites

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LotGuard Parking Lot Security

LotGuard is a complete solution for parking lot security. See, secure, and manage your lots and properties in real-time.

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Traffic and Highways

WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras help improve safety and security across highways and transport networks.