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Education Campus Safety and Security Cameras

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance cameras provide 24/7 security at higher education campuses, improving safety for students, staff, and visitors.

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Surveillance that decreases crime by


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With thousands of students and faculty members congregating daily,  overseeing the security of a campus environment presents a range of unique and dynamic challenges that demand a flexible solution.

Campus crime remains a significant issue, with the most recently available statistics showing there are over 28,000 reported campus crimes every year.

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance cameras provide 24/7 security at higher education campuses, improving safety for students, staff, and visitors.

University Campus Building

Secure Your Campus

Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Campus Security

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance units to K-12, higher education campuses, and ISD Police Departments.

Our relocatable, autonomous security cameras help to enhance safety for staff, students, and visitors by providing a highly visible deterrent, and by delivering real-time video streams to help eradicate:

  • Violence and disorder
  • Non-authorized access to campus
  • Drug and gang activity
  • Vandalism
  • Parking lot crimes

Our cameras empower campus police and security teams to respond to events, prevent crimes, and document any incidents that occur.

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Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Campus Security

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Rapid Deployment

Our plug-and-play surveillance units can be installed in a matter of minutes, bringing enhanced security when and where it is needed most. 

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Crime Deterrent

Our highly visible mobile surveillance units have an unmistakable security presence. They warn criminals that they are being recorded and reassure staff and students.

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Autonomous Operation

Our mobile solar surveillance trailers operate independently of power and internet facilities, making them an incredibly flexible and convenient security option for areas where traditional security cameras can't reach.

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WCCTV's portable and easy-to-move surveillance units can be quickly relocated to address changing surveillance priorities and fill security gaps. 

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All of WCCTV's surveillance units are fully NDAA-compliant, providing the highest levels of data integrity and approved for use by federally funded institutions.

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US-Based Support

Our cameras are made and supported in America, and we provide ongoing deployment support for the lifetime of the units, not just until the warranty expires. 

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Remote Access

All of our cameras can be accessed remotely via our free mobile app and desktop software, increasing situational awareness and allowing for remote response at any time from anywhere. 

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Rental or Purchase Options

For maximum flexibility, we provide our surveillance units for rent or purchase, helping meet whatever your budget and security requirements are in the most convenient way. 

Rapid Deployment Security Units

Solar Surveillance Trailers for Campus Safety

Our Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailer is an autonomously powered, portable security system that can be deployed to any campus facility regardless of onsite power or internet availability.

They are the ideal solution for increasing surveillance coverage at security hotspots such as parking lots, providing additional eyes on the ground during sporting events, or managing campus access.

Solar trailers can be customized to match your security needs. They can be fitted with up to 4 camera options, including infrared PTZ pole cameras, LPR units, and multi-directional camera systems. Their security profile can be enhanced with features such as voice-down audio, lights, and sirens.

Deploying a solar trailer couldn't be easier. In minutes, you can have additional security coverage, and you can move the units if your security requirements change.

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A LotGuard Pro Surveillance Trailer at Parking Lot
WCCTV Pole Camera and LPR Unit Attached to Utility Pole

Portable Security Systems

Pole Cameras for Campus Security

WCCTV's rapid deployment pole cameras are ideal for providing temporary monitoring and targeted security for short-term campus security scenarios such as political demonstrations or major sporting events. 

They utilize cellular connectivity for video transmission, are easy to install, cost-effective, and offer the convenience of a fix-power-walk-away setup.

As all-in-one mobile surveillance systems, the units comprise an infrared pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) camera, onboard video storage, edge-based AI video analytics, and cellular transmission technology in a lightweight housing that is easy to install, requires zero maintenance, and can be moved to new locations if your applications change.

The systems can be powered by mains electricity or be provided as part of the WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer.

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Maximize Your Investment

Purchasing Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Campus Safety

WCCTV offers schools and universities the option to either purchase or rent mobile surveillance units, allowing us to meet both long and short-term security requirements.

Purchasing cameras delivers several benefits, including long-term cost savings and the assurance that you always have cameras available when you need them most.

As WCCTV surveillance units are completely portable, you're not stuck with the cameras in one place; you can react dynamically to changing surveillance requirements.

When you purchase from WCCTV, we provide the following:

  • Delivery and set up with an expert technician

  • US-based aftercare support team

  • Desktop and Mobile App software included or integration with your VMS

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WCCTV Portable Solar Surveillance Trailer By Chain Link Fence
GSA (1)

Federally Approved Products

Easy Purchasing via GSA Schedule

We've made purchasing our surveillance systems and equipment easier than ever via our GSA Advantage contract. 

With our GSA Schedule, you can be assured that you are getting pre-vetted, reliable, NDAA-compliant surveillance cameras at the best possible price point.

Easy one-click purchasing eliminates the lengthy tendering process and allows your department to quickly obtain the surveillance equipment it needs to boost campus security.

Streamline your procurement process with our pre-completed Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC)

To view our GSA schedule and browse our surveillance products, simply click the button below to go direct.

View our GSA Schedule here

Campus Police Vehicle

Use Cases for Education Campus Safety and Security Cameras

Campus Policing and Security

The visible presence of WCCTV's surveillance cameras helps to deter potential criminals and reduce incidents of violence, theft, vandalism, and other crimes.

Cameras can also be utilized to assist security personnel in monitoring and responding quickly to emergencies, including medical incidents, altercations, and other urgent situations.

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Use Cases for Education Campus Safety and Security Cameras

Event Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units help ensure the safe and secure management of major campus events by providing live video streams and a visual security presence. 

Whether you need to manage crowds and ensure the safety of attendees at a Friday Night Lights event or safely control policial demonstrations, WCCTV's units can assist.

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Campus Parking Facility

Use Cases for Education Campus Safety and Security Cameras

Parking Lot Security

Parking lots are a natural attraction for crime, even on a university campus. WCCTV Surveillance units help to detect criminal events associated with these locations.

Additional surveillance coverage at parking lots can also assist with safety management, traffic control, and monitoring for unauthorized access onto campus. 

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Temporary Camera Hire

Surveillance Camera Rentals for Campus Security

We recognize that budget constraints can limit ISD Police or Campus security teams from expanding surveillance capabilities.

So we have designed flexible rental packages for our surveillance cameras and solar trailers in addition to offering them for sale.

Renting cameras is a cost-effective way to expand your surveillance fleet without the commitment of a full purchase. It also allows you to adapt to changing needs and budgetary considerations.

Whether you want to increase surveillance coverage for a specific event, address a temporary security need, or test the waters before committing to a purchase, our rental options can help meet your objectives.

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LotGuard Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer Deployed at Parking Lot
A WCCTV LotGuard Solar Surveillance Security Trailer

Why Rent Campus Surveillance Cameras

Benefits of Renting Campus Security Cameras

Renting our Solar Surveillance Trailers on a temporary basis provides several significant benefits, including a simplified procurement process and allowing campuses to only pay for the security they need.

You also won't need to worry about storage, transporting the camera units, or installing the equipment—we take care of everything.

Some of the key benefits of hiring surveillance equipment and Solar Trailers include:

  • Immediate Cost Savings: Only pay for the equipment when you need it

  • Easier Procurement Process: Fewer sign-off requirements 

  • Convenience: Full setup and installation support

  • Latest Equipment: You'll always have the most up-to-date equipment with the latest technology built in as standard

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Memberships and Accreditations

Setting the Standard in Security

Securely Vetted Surveillance

NDAA-Compliant Surveillance Cameras

WCCTV's surveillance products are fully NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) compliant, meeting the strict requirements for use by federal-funded organizations.

This approval also allows our cameras to be purchased via our GSA Schedule, so education facilities that receive federal funding can use them with complete confidence.

Our NDAA compliance means our cameras not only deliver high-quality performance but also adhere to the highest security standards, guaranteeing reliability and data integrity in sensitive deployment scenarios.

Our ongoing commitment to security, integrity, and quality is why our mobile cameras are the preferred choice for higher education campuses.

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Police Vehicle Lights

Case Study

University of Arkansas Police Department

Fayetteville, AR, hosts an annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ rally centered near the University of Arkansas campus. The rally attracts upwards of 400,000 visitors to the city.

Though the event usually passes without major incidents, UAPD monitors for potential criminal activity at hotspot areas during the event in addition to their day-to-day duties.

To meet its requirements, WCCTV supplied UAPD with several Pole Camera solutions. UAPD was able to deploy these cameras at strategic locations, ensuring a safe and enjoyable event for all.

After the event concluded, the cameras were redeployed at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium, ready for their next home game.

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A more flexible and convenient solution to your security and surveillance challenges is just a step away. Get in touch with our security experts and let us know how we can help. 

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