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Boosting Campus Security with WCCTV

Overseeing the security on a college campus comes with the responsibility of managing the safety and well-being of every person on the campus property. 

Campus crime is a significant issue, and statistics show that in 2020 alone, there were over 28,000 reported campus crimes statewide.

Employees, students, and visitors come and go from campus without considering security or safety concerns.

By carefully implementing suitable security cameras, increasing campus safety can allow them to go about their day-to-day business without any inconvenience with security.

Below, we investigate proven strategies that work when increasing campus security.


Installing Mobile Surveillance Systems

A campus property's first and foremost priority should be to prevent crime, harassment, theft, or property damage from ever occurring in the first place.

Utilizing a mobile surveillance unit offers that visual presence will deter many would-be criminals from acting in the first place. Alongside this, they can integrate with a campus’s security control room to allow viewing all from one central monitoring area.

Deploying a WCCTV Pole Camera offers a high-definition camera that can be redeployable at unsafe, remote, or in ‘blind spot’ locations that can be monitored, ensuring a safe and enjoyable place for all.

WCCTV's Pole Camera Range

Video Analytics

Video analytics allows for the careful analysis of the video feed before security needs to be involved.

All WCCTV’s security cameras are equipped with intelligent video analytics, pinpointing events that require specific attention from the security officer.

For example, perhaps you need to know if movement occurs only in a specific location or if a vehicle has stopped at a certain point on campus.

Video analytics can automatically assess these situations and provide an alert when required for the security team via email or on-screen notifications.

WCCTV's Video Analytics

Remote Security Monitoring

Coupling a mobile surveillance camera with remote security monitoring, the camera becomes a virtual security guard, always awake, always on guard, and always protecting the campuses.

Utilizing remote monitoring means a trained security officer will be on standby to monitor your surveillance systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For professional remote monitoring purposes, the video stream is sent directly to an Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC), where a security professional will receive an alarm or alert from your site, immediately review the footage to verify the alarm and then take appropriate action.

We recently published an article detailing the benefits of remotely monitored video surveillance cameras; click below to read more.

The Benefits of Remotely Monitored Video Surveillance Cameras

Alarms and Lighting

The final element of securing a campus with appropriate alarms and lighting. Lighting can be a proactive security solution, creating safe spaces where crime is less likely to happen.

Installing lighting is also critical in setting up an effective surveillance system. Even though WCCTV’s Pole Cameras have an IR night functionality, assisting with adequate lighting, there is less chance of receiving false alarms, and it offers easier identification for remote security monitoring.

Combining surveillance systems with lighting and audio alarm systems will immediately deter campus crime. WCCTV Voice Down can be activated by remote monitoring services, security guards in the control room, or via the video analytics that is inbuilt in the pole cameras.

This allows for an immediate response to potential threats, as a loud siren, live communication, or flashing light are all it takes to deter a criminal.

Why Use WCCTV Rapid Deployment Cameras To Boost Campus Security

WCCTV is the USA's most established supplier of rapid deployment cameras, with more active systems globally than any other supplier.

Our experience, world-class customer support, and leading-edge surveillance technology make us the ideal partner for anyone looking to install temporary surveillance cameras.

We manufacture our equipment and do not rehire, resell or rebadge third-party equipment, allowing us to provide direct support and competitive pricing.

Our service is the most comprehensive available in the marketplace and ensures your campus remains safe.

Ready to learn more about how WCCTV's rapid deployment cameras can boost your campus security? Contact our team today on 877 805-9475 or email

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