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The Benefits of Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

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Utilizing rapid deployment pole cameras and other mobile video surveillance solutions offers a range of benefits as an alternative to fixed security cameras

Implementing a mobile video surveillance camera program to supplement or replace wired security cameras can deliver significant benefits.

These benefits include considerably reduced installation costs, faster installation times, and a more flexible and responsive approach to your crime prevention and investigation efforts.

WCCTV's rapid-deployment surveillance cameras are deployed across America, delivering results for law enforcement, construction site security, business, and parking lot security, city safety, and government applications. 

The Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Below, WCCTV's Executive VP Adam Haworth, who has over 20 years of experience in the video surveillance industry, sets out the key benefits of utilizing mobile video surveillance cameras. 

Rapid Deployment and Ease of Installation

We all know installing a fixed security camera network is time-consuming and expensive.

The construction work required to run cabling to cameras is a disruptive process that prevents your organization from quickly deploying surveillance cameras at crime 'hotspots' or temporary locations such as events or construction sites.

A mobile surveillance camera requires little to no infrastructure for deployment. For example, WCCTV's Pole Cameras are plug-and-play video surveillance solutions. Mount them to existing poles, power by 110/240v mains, and you're all set - it's as easy as Fix-Power-Walk Away.  

No power? No problem! Check out WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailers, all-in-one autonomous mobile video surveillance units.

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Flexibility and Redeployments

One of the key benefits of Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras is that they are completely portable. So if your surveillance applications change, you can quickly and efficiently relocate your cameras.

This allows for a strategic approach to surveillance that will enable you to target crime hotspots to fight crime, such as illegal dumping, gang crime, vehicular crime, and business protection. Or, if you're working on a construction site, you can move the cameras as your projects develop. 

This capability is also beneficial should the camera's original purpose become obsolete, either due to the displacement of criminal activity in the area or the camera becoming obscured (by a new build, road layout change, etc.).

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Temporary Applications

Mobile Video Surveillance cameras are ideal for providing temporary security and surveillance for short-term applications such as public events, construction job sites, and sporting events.

Users can quickly transfer the cameras from their current location to provide extra monitoring for any temporary event without an organization investing in additional units.

Ease of Remote Access

The range of mobile video surveillance solutions provided by WCCTV, which includes pole cameras and mobile surveillance trailers, all deliver live and recorded video via 4G LTE. 

Users of these systems can access their cameras anytime, from any connected device - or have them monitored by an Interactive Surveillance Operating Centre (ISOC).

This means users aren't tied to a computer to get access to their cameras.


At WCCTV, we've continually invested in developing Mobile Video Surveillance solutions, improving functionality, video resolution, live streaming speeds, onboard storage capacity, and introducing a range of integrated accessories.

WCCTV's pole cameras also contain video analytics functionality for intelligent surveillance applications and automated security. Additional input channels allow the addition of secondary cameras such as LPR cameras, secondary PTZ cameras, or static cameras for Time Lapse Video applications.

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Future Proofed Products

WCCTV's products are future-proofed to work on next-generation networks, including 5G, allowing customers to benefit from faster connection speeds without replacing equipment. Likewise, it is possible to upgrade the integral storage capacity, and WCCTV is continually upgrading its supporting software free of charge.

Revenue Generation

Mobile Video Surveillance cameras can often help organizations secure additional revenue streams via short-term loans to other organizations to assist with seasonal crime spikes or major public events or activities. 

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Who Should Use Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras?

WCCTV has been supplying mobile video surveillance cameras around the globe since 2001, and in our experience, the critical applications for these systems include:

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