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What are Mobile Surveillance Cameras?

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WCCTV outlines what makes a surveillance camera truly 'mobile', as well as exploring some of the system's key benefits and applications.

Mobile Surveillance Cameras offer various unique benefits that allow them to either replace or work alongside traditional security cameras.

But what exactly makes a video surveillance camera 'mobile'? How is mobile surveillance different to traditional security cameras, and are there any pros and cons associated with mobile surveillance cameras that you need to be aware of? 

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance units for over 20 years, below defines what makes a surveillance camera truly mobile.

We also explore the key features of mobile surveillance cameras and some of the key benefits and applications for these systems. 

What is a Mobile Surveillance Camera? 

WCCTV defines a mobile surveillance camera as follows:

“A cellular surveillance system that incorporates live and recorded video, via an integrated motherboard within one portable housing.”

To break that description down to its individual components, a mobile video surveillance camera is distinguished by:

  • Cellular-based video transmission

  • Remote access to live and recorded video

  • An integrated hard drive 

  • Quick and easy installation 

  • Full portability

This portability and rapid deployment capability comprise the “mobile” aspect of mobile surveillance. This is what stands them apart from traditional security cameras.

Portable cameras allows Law Enforcement agencies to dynamically responded to emerging surveillance requirements, construction site managers to move the cameras as their project develops, and a parking lot owner to move the cameras to the most vulnerable spots where video coverage is required.

Typically, a mobile surveillance camera will be mounted to a utility pole, building, or be supplied with a supporting surveillance trailer where pole and power options are not available. 

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Key Features of Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Some of the key features associated with mobile surveillance cameras have previously been defined on this website when we explored the Essential Features of Law Enforcement Pole Cameras.

That article provides a detailed look at what buyers of mobile surveillance units should expect to receive as a minimum standard, and why. 

A summary of these features includes:

  • HD Quality Video: WCCTV supplies mobile video surveillance units that deliver video resolutions of 1080p and beyond. HD quality video is essential for criminal investigation and evidence gathering.

  • Remote Access From Any Device: Utilizing the integrated 4G LTE transmission, users can access mobile surveillance units using laptops, smartphones, or tablets. 

  • Edge Storage Capability: WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras utilize edge storage, so the relationship between live video and remote access is managed directly between our software and the device itself. This 1-2-1 relationship results in zero latency­­­, and a truly live video feed rather than delayed clips via the cloud.

  • Multiple Powering Options: WCCTV's mobile surveillance units have multiple powering options, including 110v mains power, solar panel power, or being deployed as part of a fully autonomous surveillance trailer. No pole? No power? No problem!

  • Video Analytics: WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras feature built-in video analytics to automate surveillance efforts. This increases the efficiency and reduces the workload of the staff responsible for viewing the cameras.

  • Remote Diagnostics: WCCTV's mobile surveillance units contain Heartbeat diagnostics that can detect any fault with the cameras as soon as they occur. When paired with the WCCTV Smart Switch, the units can automatically reboot, correcting over 95% of errors. 

  • Add-ons: WCCTV mobile surveillance units feature additional output channels allowing for the addition of LPR cameras, voice-down audio systems, horn speakers, sirens, blue light alarms and more. These allow us to build a custom solution designed around the user's specific requirements. 

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Use Cases for Mobile Surveillance Cameras

WCCTV has been supplying mobile surveillance cameras around the globe since 2001. We have continually led the market in terms of technology, customer support, and we've built a portfolio of solutions that meet the specific requirements of several key sectors. 

We see the following use cases as being the most applicable for mobile surveillance cameras:

Construction Job Site Security 

Construction sites face several security challenges, including the threat of vandalism, accidents and theft of equipment and materials. 

While an unarmed security guard can cost $15 or $20 per hour to secure these sites, a mobile surveillance camera is anything up to 85% cheaper, and equally effective at detecting and preventing crime.

WCCTV mobile surveillance cameras provide an effective visible deterrent to criminals and proactively prevent crime with features such as 24/7 alarm monitoring, horn speakers, sirens, and blue light alarms. 

Mobile surveillance cameras don't require fixed power, mounting poles, or Wi-Fi connectively, making them an ideal solution for construction sites. 

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Parking Lot Security 

Managing a parking lot involves preventing security risks such as theft, vandalism, property damage, and violent crime.

WCCTV has created LotGuard, a mobile surveillance unit specifically designed to protect parking lots and properties against these types of crimes.

The system is regularly deployed at retail and commercial parking lots to protect employees, guests and property. 

With a LotGuard, you don’t need to provide mounting poles for the surveillance cameras, and there’s no need for onsite power or internet connectivity at your lots.

As with our construction site security units, utilizing a LotGuard is anything up to 85% cheaper than using security guards.

My project (15)Parking Lot Security Cameras

Oil, Gas, Water, and Electrical Facilities

Oil fields and Gas facilities are remote, isolated, and assets can be spread across large and complex sites. Electrical and water facilities can have complex detection areas.

For this reason, they require intelligent, robust and proactive security systems. 

WCCTV mobile surveillance cameras can be provided with thermal imaging technology, allowing intruder detection in the lowest light on the most complex sites.

They also reduce the requirement for multiple site visits to locations miles apart, as all cameras can be monitored remotely via the WCCTV App.

My project-1 - 2023-08-12T145237.739Oil, Gas, and Utilities Security Cameras

Law Enforcement

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are the ultimate law enforcement force multiplier

Portable and rapid deployment cameras allow officers to target crime hotspots and respond to illegal dumping, gang crime, vehicular crimes, and vandalism issues.

They can also provide public safety at major events and in parks and open spaces.

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are available via the GSA Advantage catalogue, making the procurement process easy and convenient. 

My project (16)Law Enforcement Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Why Use Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Utilizing mobile video surveillance cameras instead of wired security cameras or security guards delivers significant benefits.

This includes significant cost reductions, quick installation, and a more flexible and responsive approach to your crime prevention and investigation efforts.

Mobile surveillance cameras may not be ideal for every application, but they are the ultimate crime prevention tool for those we have listed above.

Ready to learn more about how WCCTV Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras can assist with your applications? Contact our team today on 877 805-9475

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