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WCCTV Law Enforcement Use Cases

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WCCTV outlines some real-life examples and deployment scenarios for its mobile video surveillance units within Law Enforcement.

How Law Enforcement Uses Mobile Surveillance Cameras

As a supplier of Mobile Video Surveillance units to Law Enforcement for over 20 years, the team at WCCTV has worked on multiple unique and highly effective mobile surveillance camera deployments.

This typically involves the overt deployment of surveillance cameras to prevent or deter crime; we have recently explored how overt surveillance cameras dramatically improve behaviors and reduce crime rates.

However, over our two decades in business, we have developed a unique portfolio of surveillance cameras that can be utilized for wide-ranging applications. 

Below, we outline the most common scenarios where law enforcement can benefit from mobile surveillance cameras. 

Major Events

One of the critical use cases for WCCTV's mobile surveillance units amongst law enforcement is the temporary deployment of mobile surveillance trailers to monitor significant events.

This includes sporting events, festivals, music concerts, parades, and other temporary events attracting large groups to towns and cities.

This influx of people creates many challenges for local PDs, who do not have the workforce or resources to focus on everything occurring at an event.

Challenges that arise from major events include increased traffic, parking security issues, increased theft, risks to personal safety, and issues around crowd management. 

WCCTV has helped numerous police departments with their temporary monitoring requirements for major events, including a recent deployment for McKinney PD to secure the town's Oktoberfest event.

WCCTV's rapid deployment surveillance units can be installed in minutes and operate regardless of power or internet availability, allowing PDs to install them at strategic event locations.

With WCCTV's units, you can have eyes on the ground from multiple locations within 20 minutes, dramatically multiplying your situational awareness. 

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The Benefits of Mobile Surveillance For Events

Covert Surveillance

Most law enforcement use cases involve deploying highly visible, overt surveillance units.

The primary purpose of these deployments is to prevent a crime from happening and reassure businesses and communities that someone is watching out for their safety.

However, driven by demand from several PD clients, we have developed a range of covert surveillance units that have successfully targeted criminal activities such as drug dealing and gang activity. 

Further information on our covert surveillance units (including images and technical capabilities) is private and only available to law enforcement or government agencies.

To request further information on these units, please contact us from your official email address.

Crime Prevention

WCCTV's Mobile Solar Trailers stand over 20 feet tall and weigh close to 2,000 lbs when fully laden. 

Though smaller and more compact, our rapid deployment pole camera units are very obvious as surveillance units.

We have designed all of these systems to have a clear visual presence as we strongly believe in the effectiveness of overt surveillance. The presence of surveillance cameras prevents crimes.

Because of their imposing nature, most WCCTV camera deployments by PDs are focused on crime prevention and deterrence. 

We are currently seeing an increased demand for our LotGuard surveillance trailers due to increased crime rates around retail parking lots.

There is increased in-person traffic at retail stores throughout the holiday season, which increases the risk of shoplifting, cargo theft, and other crime. This increase in crime also presents safety concerns for customers and employees.

Opportunist criminals take advantage of the lower lighting, high people turnover, and lower surveillance to steal, vandalize, and commit other violent crimes. During the holiday shopping period, criminals look for easy marks, including cars full of purchases.

LotGuard specializes in security for retail. Our mobile surveillance trailers secure parking lots nationwide and are proven to decrease theft, parking lot incidents, and other crimes.

They are autonomously powered (solar and battery), connect via 4G LTE (so no need for network cables or WiFi), are quick and easy to install, and can be moved if your surveillance requirements change.

They provide a highly visible deterrent to crime and capture high-quality video evidence for investigation.

The presence of these units can be enhanced by the addition of flashing blue lights, banshee sirens, and voice-down audio address systems to create a bespoke deterrent.  

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WCCTV Presents LotGuard - Parking Lot Surveillance


Although the primary purpose of our surveillance units is to prevent a crime, some criminals won't get the message. In these instances, our high-definition security cameras can gather critical evidence for an investigation, night and day. 

PDs can access footage from the cameras on their computers or cell phones via our free software platform. 

Every WCCTV surveillance unit has a built-in hard drive to enable retrospective evidence review. Our event-based recording tool has made pinpointing the incidents you're looking for easy.

Moreover, every bit of evidence gathered by our cameras is secure. The footage is held in an encrypted format that unauthorized users cannot access.

PDs across the US utilize our cameras to gather vital evidence in the fight against crimes such as illegal dumping, a constant blight for businesses and communities. 

We can enhance our camera's evidence-gathering capabilities by interpolating additional camera technology, such as LPR cameras and video analytics, which help identify suspects in real time. 

My project (20)

Illegal Dumping captured by WCCTV LPR Camera (plates redacted)

The Benefits of LPR Cameras

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Law Enforcement 

WCCTV has supplied award-winning mobile video surveillance cameras to Law Enforcement in the USA and around the globe since 2001.

Our 4G LTE-enabled pole cameras and surveillance trailers allow agencies to target crime hotspots and fight back against crime. They are ideal for applications such as illegal dumping, gang crime, vehicular crimes, and vandalism and provide public safety at major events and in parks and open spaces.

Our experience, award-winning cameras, and ongoing, free-of-charge, US-based technical support make us the ideal partner for your surveillance requirements.

All of WCCTV's mobile surveillance solutions are available via GSA Advantage for ease of procurement. Click the image below to view WCCTV's catalog.


Want to know more about how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist Law Enforcement? Reach out to our team at 877 805-9475 or email

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