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The Benefits of Overt Surveillance Cameras

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The use of overt surveillance technology provides a number of benefits such as minimising expenditure due to theft and vandalism, while protecting staff and customers from criminal activity.

Why Overt Surveillance Cameras are Effective

Overt surveillance technology provides several benefits such as minimizing expenditure due to vandalism, theft and arson and increased protection for your staff and customers from criminal activity.

As the USA's leading provider of mobile surveillance systems, WCCTV provides both highly visible overt surveillance units and covert units that provide discreet surveillance in response to any crime situation.

Deciding what type of surveillance unit you should deploy will depend entirely on your overall objectives.

What is an Overt Surveillance Camera?

Our summary of the different types of units is: covert units will help you catch criminals, overt units will prevent or take away their opportunity to commit a crime. 

Below, we outline some of the critical benefits of overt surveillance cameras, explore some of the deployment scenarios and use cases for these systems, and recommend our top camera picks.

The Benefits of Overt Surveillance Cameras - WCCTV USA

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Cameras

What Types of Overt Surveillance Cameras are There?

WCCTV provides several highly overt surveillance units. Our Mobile Solar Trailers stand over 20 feet tall and weigh close to 2,000 lbs when fully laden. 

Our rapid deployment pole camera units are smaller, compact units - but they are very obvious as surveillance units.

We have designed all of these systems to have a clear visual presence as we strongly believe in the effectiveness of overt surveillance.

For an enhanced presence, almost every WCCTV surveillance camera deployment is supported by display signs indicating that recording or monitoring is in progress. 

What are the Benefits of Overt Cameras?

Overt surveillance cameras are highly effective at detecting and reducing criminal activities. Some of the direct benefits you should expect to receive include:

Behavior Modification

The presence of any form of surveillance is shown to have a transformative and positive impact on individual behavior per numerous psychological studies - source

So whether a WCCTV camera is deployed to a parking lot, public event, downtown, in a park, or to secure a commercial property, it will positively impact safety in the area. 

It reduces the chances of criminal damage, graffiti, and vandalism and creates a safer environment where violence and robbery are less likely to occur.

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Crime Deterrence 

The main benefit of overt security is deterrence. Put simply, if you want to prevent a crime from happening, use an overt surveillance camera.

Covert units are helpful after an incident has occurred, they gather evidence that can lead to prosecutions, but they won't prevent a crime from happening.

An overt unit will also gather evidential footage; all WCCTV cameras capture high-definition footage.

However, WCCTV's overt units also allow for a proactive crime response. Our units are fitted with voice address systems, sirens, and flashing blue lights, all of which can be activated to prevent criminal activity.

Overt Surveillance Cameras in Action

Rather than just taking our word for the benefits of overt surveillance systems, the video below that perfectly illustrates how our surveillance units, mitigate, record, and report criminal activity. 


Who Should Use Overt Surveillance Cameras?

WCCTV has supplied overt and covert mobile surveillance units to companies worldwide for over 20 years. 

In our experience, the types of organizations that could most benefit from overt surveillance cameras are:

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