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Reduce Your Security Costs by 88% With WCCTV

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Utilizing WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras backed by remote monitoring services can save you up to 88% on your secu­ri­ty costs when com­pared to security guards.

How Can Mobile Surveillance Cameras Help Reduce Security Costs?

Utilizing WCCTV's mobile video surveillance cameras backed by remote video monitoring service could help you save up to 88%* on your secu­ri­ty costs when com­pared to security guarding.

Our security technology can completely replace or work in tandem with guarding services, help­ing to reduce security spending with zero compromises on quality, results, or reliability.

What Advantages Do Surveillance Cameras Offer Compared to Guards?

Unlike secu­ri­ty guards, WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras:

  • Never get tired, and never take a break

  • Can see in complete darkness, up to 650ft

  • Capture video evidence for law enforcement investigation

  • Provide additional benefits like project management and time-lapse video recording

  • Can proactively stop a criminal in real time with no risk of harm

  • Improve your environmental impact

Proactive Security Cameras

It's not just cameras that we're known for, though. WCCTV provides a managed surveillance service, which allows us to prevent construction site crime rather than just record what happened.

What's more, we do this at a fraction of the cost of employing security guard services. Our services are up to 88% cheaper than security guards - depending on the State and whether you use armed/unarmed guards.

WCCTV Construction Site Security

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance cameras. For over 20 years, we have led the way in technological capability, and the number of security units deployed globally.

Typical use cases for our proactive, cost-effective, managed surveillance cameras include:

Get in touch today and challenge us to reduce your total security spending. 

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