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Five Key Benefits of Solar Powered Surveillance Units

With more focus than ever before on the threat of climate change, solar power is becoming an increasingly popular energy source. But when it comes to surveillance cameras, the benefits of solar power go way beyond just their environmental impact. 

Surveillance cameras provide a wide variety of benefits; they help organizations enhance safety, reduce unexpected costs, and improve situational awareness, to name a few.

WCCTV surveillance units have three distinct values: their ability to detect, deter and defend the people and places that matter most from criminal activity.

Although surveillance cameras are widely known to record criminal activity, they're also incredibly effective at stopping offenders in their tracks and preventing crimes from occurring.

Solar-powered cameras retain all of these benefits and come with their own unique benefits. 

The Benefits of Solar Surveillance Cameras - WCCTV USA

What Are Solar-Powered Surveillance Cameras?

Solar-powered surveillance cameras utilize solar panels as their primary energy source, requiring no mains power or cabling. 

With a solar camera, you can benefit from natural and renewable energy sources without incurring additional costs associated with powering the unit.

WCCTV supplies its solar-power surveillance units as a 'bundle', meaning that the equipment is factory-fitted with the solar panel. 

How Do Solar Powered Surveillance Cameras Work?

The solar panels fitted to the surveillance camera will capture the light from the sun and convert this into direct current (DC)

An inverter then changes this into an alternating current (AC), which both powers the camera unit and recharges the internal batteries of the system. 

These rechargeable batteries allow the surveillance unit to operate in reduced or zero sunlight by storing excess energy captured during sunny periods.

The high-grade solar panels fitted to WCCTV's surveillance units can draw sunlight even on cloudy and lowlight days; however, it is preferable to position the panels to get the maximum possible sunlight. 

WCCTV Solar Powered Surveillance Trailer - LotGuard

The Five Key Benefits of Solar Surveillance Cameras

The most critical unique benefits that solar-powered surveillance cameras deliver includes:

1. Increased Deployment Flexibility

Solar powered-surveillance cameras are a game-changer when it comes to getting video surveillance in the most remote locations. 

They require no cables and power grid to work and can be deployed in areas previously deprived of adequate security services, including remote sites or geographically challenging environments.

This flexibility isn't limited to just remote sites, though. Many locations that require video surveillance have issues with permanent powering facilities. These include parking lots, construction job sites, pipelines, highways, parks, and many more. 

2. Ease of Installation and Portability

WCCTV's solar-powered surveillance cameras are entirely wire-free, as all video transmission is delivered via cellular networks.

This is a considerable benefit as wiring up a surveillance camera, and motion detector network can be a hugely time-consuming and expensive process.

This is especially beneficial for locations where temporary surveillance is required, such as construction sites or major events. A solution like WCCTV's surveillance trailer is the ideal solution for these locations - it can be installed by one person and operational within 20 minutes. 

It also gives construction project managers the ability to move the unit around the site as it develops and surveillance requirements shift. 

Taking wires out of the equation also removes the problem of cable wear and tear and the threat of cable sabotage or theft. 


3. Environmental Impact

A surveillance camera powered by renewable energy helps reduce your business's carbon footprint by reducing the overall power consumption of your site. 

It also positively impacts the environment by reducing the plastic-covered cabling required to operate the system. 

Plastic is considered one of the most threatening substances to our natural environment, so we should take any opportunity to mitigate this damage. 

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Mains-powered surveillance cameras are constantly drawing power, adding to your ongoing overheads by ramping up your electricity bill. Solar-powered surveillance trailers utilize free and renewable energy, helping shave these costs off your projects.

In addition, when you consider the cost of the wiring, installation, labor, and electricity costs associated with wired surveillance cameras, making the switch to a solar-powered solution becomes a no-brainer. 

5. Uninterrupted Power Supply

WCCTV's surveillance unit incorporates a solar panel directly into the camera unit, which allows the batteries to charge throughout the day. This means that you won't need to worry about interrupted power supply due to a site-wide power outage or cable damage. 

Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Sites

Solar-Powered Surveillance Use Cases

Solar surveillance units can benefit any number of businesses, but, in our experience, the typical use cases for the systems include:

WCCTV provides solar-powered surveillance cameras backed by a complete managed service, including installation, remote video monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing US-based tech support. 

Reach out to our team today and find out how we can enhance your security and help you deter crime.

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