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Pole Cameras

4G IR Mini Dome Camera

WCCTV’s 4G IR Mini Dome is an all-in-one mobile surveillance unit that combines an HD camera, local recording, and cellular transmission into a portable unit.

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All-in-One Portable Surveillance

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome

WCCTV’s 4G IR Mini Dome is a rapid-deployment pole camera specifically designed for mobile video surveillance applications such as law enforcement surveillance, parking lot security, city safety, and construction site security.

As an all-in-one video surveillance solution, it combines an infrared PTZ camera, 4 TB of onboard recording capacity, and cellular transmission technology into a portable, lightweight unit.

The system is easy to install onto a utility pole or building, is easy to maintain, and can easily be moved to a new location to target crime hotspots or if your surveillance requirements change.

Live and recorded footage can be accessed via 4G LTE, allowing users to view video streams from any device remotely.

Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Rapid Deployment Cameras

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome

Compact, Cost-Efficient Security

Benefits of WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome

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Rapid Deployment

A WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome provides users with true plug-and-play surveillance capabilities. Fix the camera to your building or utility pole, power, and walk-away. 

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As an easily portable surveillance unit, the WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome allows you to adapt to changing surveillance and security requirements.

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Remote Access

All functionality and access to live and archived video footage is handled remotely via cellular network connectivity. 

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Customizable Solution

The unit's three additional input channels allow for custom add-ons including LPR cameras, voice address units, and more. 

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Built-In Diagnostics

Every WCCTV pole camera is equipped with our Heartbeat diagnostics software which automatically scans your devices to ensure optimal performance. 

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The WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome can send feed feeds directly to your existing Video Management Systems (VMS) if required.  

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Advanced Surveillance

Our latest-generation camera technology boasts powerful infrared capability, PTZ control, AI video analytics, and crystal-clear HD imagery. 

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Use Cases for 4G IR Mini Dome Camera

Law Enforcement Surveillance

The WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome acts as a force multiplier, providing extra eyes on the ground without the need to increase your physical resources. 

Strategically target high-crime areas or address temporary security requirements with portable, remotely managed security cameras.

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Use Cases for 4G IR Mini Dome Camera

Construction Site Management

WCCTV's 4G IR Mini Dome provides construction sites with 3-in-1 video benefits, helping to enhance security, project management, and time lapse video documentation. 

As portable surveillance units, they can easily move around your site as the project develops and new security vulnerabilities are identified. 

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Use Cases for 4G IR Mini Dome Camera

Government Agencies

WCCTV's 4G IR Mini Dome is an NDAA-compliant, US-made video surveillance unit that can address several safety and security applications for government agencies. 

These units help reduce crime, enhance parking lot security, protect parks and recreation sites, monitor transportation routes, and much more. 

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Case Study

Harlingen Water Works

Harlingen Water Works Systems deployed several WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome security cameras across their automated facilities to provide complete site security.

The cameras transmit live and recorded footage via the 4G LTE network to the operations team at any HWWS location from any device.

“Having WCCTV’s security cameras across our facilities meant all areas could be remotely viewed on our phones while not on-site, giving us the ability to view the water process or any issues that may occur.

The footage proved to be of an extremely high standard, making it easier to verify security breaches and reduce site visits.”

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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement utilize WCCTV surveillance units to deliver temporary security or targeted surveillance.

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Construction Site Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units and managed services allows construction site owners to see, manage, document, and secure their sites

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Whether you need to secure a park, property, public utility, highway, event, or parking lot - WCCTV has you covered.

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LotGuard Parking Lot Security

LotGuard is a complete solution for parking lot security. See, secure, and manage your lots and properties in real-time.