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1 Status indicators

2 LED light - 4M illumination (true colour)

3 HD video recording

4 Audio recording

5 One button record

6 4G*, wifi streaming & GPS location details *(connect version only)

7 Local recording (up to 128GB)

8 2.8" front facing screen

9 Environmentally tested housing (IP65)

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras: 4G Live Video and Evidence Capture

WCCTV's market-leading Body Worn Cameras are fully designed and manufactured in the UK. They boast a wide range of best-in-class features and unique functionality.

They are incredibly easy to use, with a simple one-button stop/start recording feature, and require minimal training for users of any experience level. 

Body cameras have a proven and dramatic impact on reducing the number of violent confrontations encountered by frontline workers. Protect the people and places that matter most with WCCTV body cameras. 

Follow the links below to find out more about WCCTV Body Worn Video solutions.

WCCTV Body Worn Camera - Record

WCCTV's Body Worn Camera - Record dramatically improves safety for the wearer as part of an overall security toolkit. It captures video evidence and acts as a visual deterrent that helps deescalate aggressive situations.

WCCTV Body Worn Camera - Protect

The WCCTV Body Worn Camera Protect is a UK manufactured body worn camera that has been specifically designed to improve safety and security for frontline workers.

Software: Digital Evidence Management for Body Worn Video

WCCTV’s Evidence Management Software (EMS) platform offers a simple but secure way of managing digital files recorded on a WCCTV Body Worn Camera. Built on a world-leading cloud infrastructure platform, it offers data security, integrity, customisation, intuitive navigation and unlimited scalability. Our cloud-based infrastructure allows authorised users to access footage at any time, and harness multiple capabilities including image redaction, utilisation reporting and a full audit trail.

1 Fast charging of up to 8 units

2 Secure docking system

3 Secure VPN tunnel into WCCTV EMS

4 Store and forward capability

5 Automatic download of firmware updates

Charging: WCCTV Smart Hubs

WCCTV Smart Hub docking stations provide multi-unit charging and uploading of digital files from WCCTV’s Body Worn Cameras into a secure cloud Evidence Management Software (EMS). The Smart Hubs contain onboard storage capacity, allowing for direct video transfer, meaning as soon as your cameras are charged they are ready to use again, with no waiting around for videos to upload to the cloud. The Smart Hubs also feature built-in 4G/5G connectivity, allowing them to connect to the internet without impacting your local networks.

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera Accessories

WCCTV provides a wide range of accessories to support the use of the WCCTV Body Worn Camera range, including:

  • WCCTV Smart Hub - Multi-unit docking and charging cradles

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Protective cases

  • Battery packs for extended unit run time


Charging Options


Docking and Charging Cradle – 8 and 2 Way

Both charges and uploads the video footage from up to 8 WCCTV Body Cameras at any one time. Footage is uploaded directly to WCCTV's Cloud Software.

Camera Accessories


Klickfast Leather Pouch

A bespoke leather pouch for housing your WCCTV Body Camera. The leather pouch is to be used in conjunction with Klickfast docks, and will offer a robust, secure mounting system. Its high quality leather construction is designed to protect against damage, and the press stud opening offers easy access.

Wearable Options


Magnetic Lanyard

Allows you to attach your WCCTV Body Worn Camera via your Klickfast options and mount your camera via the magnetic centre mount lanyard. Offering a detachable circle magnetic patch utilising a high power magnet for ease of stability and placement on any garment.

Leather Shoulder Harness

Allows you to attach your WCCTV Body Worn Camera via your Klickfast options. Can be adjusted to fit nearly onto any uniform. This unique design achieves a higher than usual mounting position for capturing more usable footage.

Breakaway Centre Chest Harness

Allows you to attach your WCCTV Body Camera unit via your Klickfast options and wear them on the centre of your chest via the fully adjustable strap. Also fitted with a four point breakaway device so the wearer can detach if required.

Klickfast Clip Mount

A heavy-duty clip for mounting your WCCTV Body Camera. The clip grips instantly and securely onto any clothing and provides a firm mounting base.