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Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust provides general health services in both a hospital environment and within the community, with staff working out of 75 different location across the City and the London Borough of Hackney. Their primary headquarters is Homerton Hospital.

The Challenge

Staff at the Hospital have experienced high levels of anti-social behaviour and aggression from disruptive individuals, which has created a challenging and potentially unsafe working environment.

Although there is a fixed CCTV infrastructure across the Hospital, the cameras provided insufficient coverage to deliver viable video evidence in support of prosecutions against abusive individuals.


The Solution

Following an extensive proof of concept trial, the Trust deployed a number of WCCTV’s Body Worn Camera (Connect) devices, supported by WCCTV’s Standalone Evidence Management System (EMS) which is used to electronically store videos and pictures captured by the cameras.

The Body Worn Cameras have provided dramatic improvements in the way the Hospital captures video evidence. Now, every incident that is attended is recorded in crystal clear 1080p quality - with accompanying audio evidence.

This has greatly assisted with Police investigations and prosecutions as incidents are no longer missed due to insufficient camera coverage.

To provide even greater flexibility in responding to fast-moving incidents, the WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect) has a pre-event buffer that captures up to 120 seconds of video before the record button has been pressed. This ensures incidents are seldom missed in the heat of the moment.

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras

The Result

The WCCTV Body Worn Cameras have proved invaluable in protecting both security personnel and nursing staff who have far too frequently faced verbal threats and physical assault whilst performing their vital work.

The front-facing screens on the Body Worn Cameras have also been an incredibly effective deterrent to potential violence in the vast majority of cases, and where not the full video evidence chain has been captured and used in prosecutions.

The Body Worn Cameras have also protected security personnel from false allegations, and the footage captured on the devices has been instrumental in learning and development sessions on how situations could have potentially been handled differently.

The Quote

“The security staff feel safer when attending incidents, and we have had less accusations towards the security officers and clinical staff.

Physical violence has reduced as people are aware, they are being recorded when incidents occur, and they are more conscious of the way they act when the security officers arrive and the WCCTV Body Worn Cameras is activated.”

Trust Security Manager

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