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WCCTV: A Complete Solution for Body Worn Video

WCCTV provides a complete solution for body worn video applications, including award-winning body cameras, digital evidence management software and supporting accessories.

We manufacture and support all of our cameras and software in the UK, allowing us to provide an end-to-end managed service that helps our clients protect their staff and secure vital video evidence.

As the UK's leading expert in video transmission via mobile networks, our body cameras are uniquely able to transmit video in real time utilising 4G/5G technology. 

How Body Cameras Improve Personal Safety

1 Status indicators

2 LED light - 4M illumination (true colour)

3 HD video recording

4 Audio recording

5 One button record

6 4G*, wifi streaming & GPS location details *(connect version only)

7 Local recording (up to 128GB)

8 2.8" front facing screen

9 Environmentally tested housing (IP65)

Hardware: WCCTV Body Cameras

WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras form an essential part of the overall safety toolkit for frontline, public-facing workers.  

The presence of a body camera significantly helps to de-escalate most verbal or physical altercations. Where an incident does occur, the high-quality video evidence captured by the cameras provides an independent account of the incident.  

WCCTV Body Cameras lead the market in terms of features and functionality, technical capability and ease of use for the wearer and video manager.

Manufactured in the UK, it is a small yet highly durable unit that offers live video transmission, onboard recording, two-way audio, real-time alerts and GPS vis 4G/5G mobile connectivity.

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Software: Digital Evidence Management for Body Worn Video

WCCTV’s Evidence Management Software (EMS) platform offers a simple but secure way of managing digital files recorded on a WCCTV Body Worn Camera. Built on a world-leading cloud infrastructure platform, it offers data security, integrity, customisation, intuitive navigation and unlimited scalability. Our cloud-based infrastructure allows authorised users to access footage at any time, and harness multiple capabilities including image redaction, utilisation reporting and a full audit trail.

1 Fast charging of up to 8 units

2 Secure docking system

3 Secure VPN tunnel into WCCTV EMS

4 Store and forward capability

5 Automatic download of firmware updates

Charging: WCCTV Smart Hubs

WCCTV Smart Hub docking stations provide multi-unit charging and uploading of digital files from WCCTV’s Body Worn Cameras into a secure cloud Evidence Management Software (EMS). The Smart Hubs contain onboard storage capacity, allowing for direct video transfer, meaning as soon as your cameras are charged they are ready to use again, with no waiting around for videos to upload to the cloud. The Smart Hubs also feature built-in 4G/5G connectivity, allowing them to connect to the internet without impacting your local networks.

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera Accessories

WCCTV provides a wide range of accessories to support the use of the WCCTV Body Worn Camera range, including:

  • WCCTV Smart Hub - Multi-unit docking and charging cradles

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Protective cases

  • Battery packs for extended unit run time

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WCCTV has developed a complete range of Body Worn Cameras and digital Evidence Management Software. To get a quote or request a free trial or demonstration, please click the link below.

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