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WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras support local authority civil enforcement teams by improving safety and security for the wearer and the public they serve.

Our body cameras are proven to positively impact interactions between officers and the public by providing greater transparency and high-quality video evidence. 

The presence of a WCCTV body camera helps reduce the physical and verbal abuse civil enforcement officers are subjected to and mitigate against false complaints against officers.

The Benefits of Body Cameras for Local Authorities

With many public realm enforcement officers, lone workers and vulnerable workers subjected to unacceptable levels of abuse, the proportionate use of WCCTV's body worn cameras has provided a level of safety, reassurance and evidence gathering.


Key applications for Body Worn Cameras across Local Authorities include:

  • Parking enforcement

  • Environmental enforcement

  • Street scene management

  • Lone worker protection

  • Town centre management

Given that the increase in abuse these workers receive has only increased throughout COVID-19, the importance of deploying body cameras to protect these workers has been heightened. 

The Benefits of Body Cameras for Local Authorities


WCCTV Body Cameras for Local Authorities

WCCTV has over 20 years of experience working with local authority departments and is the UK's leading supplier of mobile surveillance systems for public space monitoring. 

We understand the unique challenges your teams face daily and have used our knowledge and experience to create a range of body worn video solutions that perfectly match local authority requirements. 

Our market-leading body cameras have been designed for public interaction situations. They reduce conflict, increase transparency, and improve officers' confidence in any situation.

Our body cameras are backed by Evidence Management Software that can be provided as a cloud-based solution, or installed onto your local servers.

Unique benefits of WCCTV include: 

WCCTV Body Cameras Unique Benefits

Forward Facing Screen: WCCTV's body cameras don't just tell individuals they're being recorded; they show them. This has a proven calming influence, as individuals' behaviour is shown to improve dramatically when they know they're being recorded.

Secure Evidence Management: WCCTV's evidence management software delivers the highest standards of data security and can be installed in a way that best suits the capabilities of your IT infrastructure. The intuitive software provides an easy way to store, sort and share your video files and provides detailed management reports across a range of actions.

Ease of Use: Operating a WCCTV body camera could not be easier, with recording activated at the push of a button. Managing your files in the Evidence Management software is equally straightforward, but we will provide free and comprehensive training when and where you need it for the lifetime of the products.

UK Designed, Manufactured and Supported: Unlike other body camera suppliers, we self-manufacture all of our equipment and software, and we do it all in the UK. That means we can deliver products, services and technical support bespoke to your requirements.

Live Transmission: WCCTV's body cameras represent the next generation of body worn video technology, with built-in 4G technology allowing for live transmission of footage to improve situation awareness and personal safety.

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