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WCCTV’s Evidence Management Software (EMS) provides simple and secure management of digital files taken from a WCCTV Body Worn Camera.

WCCTV EMS makes it incredibly easy to review, manage and share all videos and images recorded by your body cameras. 

Searching and organising your files is completely intuitive. Files are sorted and searchable by vital metadata such as date, time, location, device number and user. You can even add your own tags to files to make them easier to find. 

Video files can be fully managed with the EMS platform, with multiple editing tools allowing you to clip, redact or annotate any video files. Users can create or view real-time reports on camera usage, utilisation, health status and more. 

WCCTV's EMS is infinitely scalable, built on a world-leading cloud infrastructure, allowing unlimited users and cameras to connect to the platform without impacting your IT network. 

The platform has been specifically designed to comply with the highest data security and integrity standards, in line with the Company's ISO27001 certification. 

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Body Worn Camera - Laptop

Evidence Management Software

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use: responsive and intuitive design

  • Secure: Transfer and store your AES encrypted data

  • Password protected: Only authorised users can access

  • Role based: Set designated user access rights

  • Manage your files: Organise and search for your files using detailed metadata

  • Share: Collaborate on cases by securely sharing case files

  • Data Protection: Files are deleted after 30 days (configurable) unless required for ongoing case

  • Evidential usage: Provides full audit trail

Scalable and Secure Evidence Management

Access to WCCTV's EMS is provided to your organisation via the internet. It requires no physical installation, and all your files are stored securely in the cloud.

Cloud software places no additional burden on your internal IT infrastructure, provides the highest standards of data security, and allows your teams to access the videos they need for any location at any time.

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