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Guildford Borough Council is responsible for local services such as planning, housing, and environmental services for Guildford in Surrey.

The Challenge

Guildford Borough Council is in a continuous battle with environmental crime throughout the community, tackling issues such as littering, fly-tipping and vandalism.

The environmental enforcement team addresses persistent anti-social and ecological issues that have a detrimental effect on the Guildford community and ensures it is a pleasant place for its residents and visitors.

Unfortunately, during their work, officers have been subjected to negative interactions with the public, including verbal abuse, aggression, threats of violence, and in some cases, physical assaults.

As a result of these interactions, Guildford Borough Council explored several ways to support officers who may become involved in difficult or confrontational situations.

WCCTV body cameras deployed on a magnet mount

The Solution

Guildford Borough Council's environmental enforcement team are now equipped with WCCTV Body Worn Cameras to aid their interaction with the public.

The cameras are supported by WCCTV Evidence Management Software (EMS) installed onto a dedicated PC to provide the Council with a digitally secure total case management solution. The EMS software allows for secure and quick searching, storing, and sharing of video files.

WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras have a simple yet functional design with ease of use, with a one-button record mechanism. They are lightweight but highly durable, meaning they can be deployed for any frontline application.

The unit's forward-facing screen has a proven positive influence on de-escalating confrontations and reducing aggression.

In scenarios where footage needs to be captured, the cameras record in full 1080p and feature a 120-second pre-event recording buffer to ensure incidents are not missed.

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras

The Result

The WCCTV Body Worn Cameras have helped Guildford Borough Councils' environmental enforcement team deal with several incidents and have had an overwhelmingly positive impact on interactions with the public.

The cameras have helped improve safety for the wearer, reduced the number of false complaints received, and helped gather vital evidence for potential prosecutions.

Council enforcement officers feel safer from wearing the body cameras and can better focus on their work, reducing harmful enviro-crimes.

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