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Morrison Utility Services is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees and all who come into contact with its business. They operate from one key statement of intent:

'Nothing we do is so important that we cannot find the time to do it safely.

Recognising that good health and safety performance is critical to the success of their business, each Morrison Utility Services employee is responsible for getting health and safety right, without compromise.

The Challenge

To assist with their health and safety innovations, Morrison Utility Services wanted a mobile video solution that could provide evidence of how their team approach safety when working on utility projects (NRASWA), including excavation works where other utilities are present. 

In addition, they wanted to protect their operatives working on utility maintenance which have been prone to abuse from drivers and residents due to road closures and the noise created by their vital work.


The Solution 

Morrison Utility Services approached WCCTV to partner with them on a proof-of-concept trial that aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of Body Worn Cameras for de-escalating confrontations and recording evidential footage for health and safety review purposes. 

WCCTV's UK-manufactured body cameras were the ideal solution for both applications. The device's front-facing screen proved to be a particularly effective deterrent to confrontations, while video and audio recorded quality was perfect for review purposes. 

WCCTV Body Worn Cameras


The Result

The WCCTV Body Worn Cameras have had an immediate impact on reducing anti-social behaviour towards Morrison Utility Services staff, with the reported number of verbal abuse incidents significantly decreasing since their introduction.

An incident in which an operational colleague was attacked was caught on camera, and the evidence has been passed on to the police for potential prosecution.

The devices have also positively impacted increased adherence to safe working practices and excavation practices, as well as providing invaluable footage for review and health and safety briefings.

The successes of the trial have led to the cameras being adopted on larger-scale projects across the business.  

The Quote

"The WCCTV Body Worn Camera is the natural evolution of onsite safety."

"They offer assurances for the employer and safety for the employee. The camera's uses are boundless, and I am sure we will utilise the WCCTV Body Worn Camera in many other parts of our business."

Construction Manager, Morrison US

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