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Positive Impacts of Video Surveillance in Law Enforcement

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All police departments, regardless of size, can benefit from deploying mobile video surveillance cameras to enhance their crime reduction and public safety measures.

Police departments of any size can benefit from deploying mobile video surveillance cameras to enhance crime reduction and public safety measures.

Police departments across the United States have deployed WCCTV's range of video surveillance systems, whether that's our rapid deployment pole cameras, LPR systems, or mobile surveillance trailers.

Our systems are optimized for crime reduction and investigation applications, which is why we're the supplier of choice for police departments looking to enhance their surveillance profile.

Below, we outline the positive impacts video surveillance cameras can have and why WCCTV is the best choice to help your police department better serve and protect your community.

The Benefits of Video Surveillance Cameras

Utilizing mobile surveillance cameras to supplement your law enforcement efforts will deliver several key benefits.

WCCTV's customizable range of solutions allows us to tailor a video surveillance system to meet your specific needs.

Below is a sample of the benefits we can help you realize:

Crime Reduction

Depending on the application or location, your department may decide to deploy highly overt surveillance cameras rather than covert surveillance cameras.

Both options have their benefits, which we have previously explored in detail on this website. You can read more on the benefits of overt surveillance cameras here and more on the benefits of covert surveillance cameras here. 

Overt surveillance cameras are particularly beneficial at stopping crimes before they happen - the fear of being recorded is enough to remove the opportunity to commit a crime.

This especially holds for low-level offenses such as vandalism, but a highly-visible, well-placed surveillance camera can even deter more severe crimes like theft and violence.

Force Multiplier

Your department's officers are likely to be highly skilled and experienced, but a mobile surveillance camera is a highly beneficial tool that can multiply their effectiveness.

For example, there are limitations to what the human eye can detect, especially in low-light conditions, when dealing with large crowds or in a fast-moving environment. 

A surveillance camera can monitor and record a wide field of view and capture activity that an officer may have initially missed.

Departments can expand their reach by utilizing state-of-the-art WCCTV technology that includes multi-camera capability, pan-tilt-zoom, and low-light technology, including infrared and/or thermal capabilities.

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Increased Departmental Efficiency

Surveillance technology allows focusing on particular applications. One such example is the use of License plate recognition ( or LPR) cameras.

These specialized surveillance units are designed to capture and log vehicle license plates. Unlike standard surveillance cameras that record a wide field of view or are set to tour predefined zones for activity, LPR cameras are deployed for the singular purpose of capturing license plates.

WCCTV's LPR units are connected to a nationally hosted database that can check this captured data against the information contained in stolen vehicle databases and watch lists.

In contrast, for human officers, the work involved in scanning and recording license plates and then scouring databases for matches is incredibly time-consuming. LPR cameras can make all the difference in fighting crime. Read more on the benefits of LPR cameras here.

Real-time, on-the-ground surveillance is the most efficient way to address these crimes regardless of your department's size.

Documented Evidence

Recorded footage is beneficial when identifying potential suspects, but it is also highly helpful throughout the entire legal process.

WCCTV's surveillance cameras allow operators to quickly scan, search, review and share the footage with relevant investigators and authorities.

Surveillance cameras provide the ultimate eye-witness testimony and protect officers against accusations of unlawful actions in the field.

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Deployment Locations

The best feature of mobile surveillance cameras is right there in the name; they are highly mobile units that can be quickly installed and moved to new locations if your surveillance requirements change. 

Key deployment locations for mobile surveillance units include:

Highways and Intersections

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are ideal for monitoring and managing highways.

Cameras can be deployed at traffic signals, alongside busy roads, or at busy intersections.

The integrated 4G LTE transmission technology integrated into all WCCTV's security cameras allows officers to view live and recorded video remotely at any time, from any device.

WCCTV's surveillance cameras can record traffic patterns for data gathering purposes, provide worker safety and equipment security at highways construction projects, or assist with preventing and investigating traffic violations.

WCCTV Use Case:

Click here to read a case study describing how WCCTV's video surveillance systems supported a Law Enforcement agency with traffic monitoring applications.

Critical Infrastructure

City-owned infrastructure installations can act as a magnet for criminals, including terrorists, thieves, vandals.

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance units enhance law enforcement capabilities in protecting critical infrastructure.

These include water treatment plants, electrical substations, and other utility installations.

In addition, government buildings may also attract the attention of those who wish to harm people and property.

WCCTV Use Case:

Click here to read a case study describing how WCCTV's video surveillance systems enhance security measures in a government water treatment facility.

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Parking Lots

By virtue of their location and design, parking lots can attract undesirables and promote criminal activity.

They are the third most common place where crimes occur, with nearly 1,400 violent crimes committed each day.

We are currently seeing an increased demand for our LotGuard surveillance trailers due to increased crime rates around retail parking lots.

LotGuard is a rapid deployment, solar-powered surveillance trailer specifically designed to mitigate, deter and report criminal activity in parking lots. 

WCCTV Use Case:

Click here to learn more about LotGuard surveillance units and how they are helping to target and reduce the crimes that plague parking lots.

Why Choose WCCTV?


WCCTV has been the market leader in mobile surveillance technology since the company's inception in 2001. We have more units deployed worldwide than any other supplier and have worked with countless government and law enforcement agencies. 

This experience has allowed us to build a customer-focused portfolio of products and support services that ensure you get the right results every time. 

Client Base

We work with law enforcement departments across the US, from Niagara Falls right down the Rio Grande Valley and everywhere else in between. 

You can read our long list of client testimonials here.

Product Range

No matter the size of your police department or your particular needs, WCCTV has a solution that can work for you.  

Our deployable video surveillance units for law enforcement include: 

With such a wide range of choices, you may want to speak to someone who can better pinpoint your requirements. Just complete a quick contact form, and one of our law enforcement experts will be in touch. 

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