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How Mobile Surveillance Cameras Boost Electrical Substation Security

Electrical substations are critical to our society and the lives of all US citizens. But with copper prices continuing to rise, they are increasingly at risk from organized crime. 

Almost every part of our daily life relies on the electricity generated by power grids across the country. Providing security for these locations, which contain multiple valuable materials and are often spread across remote and complex sites, remains a constant challenge. 

Facing down this challenge is so important that the FBI has named copper theft from electrical substations one of the biggest threats to US critical infrastructure. So what can be done to prevent these thefts, and protect our critical infrastructure? 

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras, below details some of the key ways to harden the target, and the vital role surveillance systems play in securing these critical locations. 

Securing Electrical Substations with Surveillance Cameras

How to Secure Electrical Substations with WCCTV

There are more than 55,000 utility sub-transmission and distribution systems in the U.S. These remote facilities are vulnerable to vandalism, theft, terrorism, or other damage.

The costs associated with these incidents are immeasurable in terms of lost equipment, but also reputation. The long-term impact of leaving thousands of US citizens without power due to poor security preparedness is something your organization must guard against. 

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance units play a vital role in preventing substation crimes, and bringing those responsible to justice. 

Below are some of the key benefits our mobile surveillance trailers and pole cameras deliver:

Audio and Visual Deterrent

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are supplied with your choice of banshee sirens, flashing blue lights and/or horn speakers, all of which are proven to help deter unwelcome intruders. 

On numerous occasions, we have seen that just the audio or visual warning from one of our cameras is enough to stop a thief in their tracks.

Thermal Imaging

WCCTV's thermal cameras will detect a human presence in both low-light and complex detection areas. However, the cameras work incredibly well in daylight conditions and will still detect intruders regardless of weather conditions. 

Video Analytics

WCCTV can provide all its mobile surveillance units with edge video analytics that helps to detect any intrusions or loitering on or around your sites.

This powerful, automated surveillance technology takes the hard work out of crime detection and helps users quickly and efficiently review any incidents.

4G LTE Connectivity

At WCCTV, we manufacture our own 4G LTE modems for the specific application of delivering live and recorded video surveillance images. We integrate these modems into all of our mobile surveillance cameras.

This allows you to access live and recorded footage from your surveillance cameras no matter where you are, or how many sites you have. 

24/7 Remote Monitoring

All of WCCTV's surveillance cameras can be backed by remote alarm monitoring services via our partner ISOC. If unauthorized intruders are detected at your sites, it triggers a real-time theft prevention response starting with an audio challenge, siren activation, through to law enforcement despatch.

Power Autonomy

For sites that lack fixed power, or available power in the locations where surveillance cameras are most needed, WCCTV has designed a complete range of autonomously powered surveillance solutions. 

The WCCTV 4G Solar Dome and Solar Surveillance Trailer can be deployed anywhere regardless of pole or power availability.

This flexibility allows us to secure your sites no matter how remote, or widespread.

Truly Live Video

Our technology utilizes edge storage, which means the relationship between live video and remote access is managed directly between your software and the device itself. This relationship results in zero latency­­­, which provides a truly live video feed rather than delayed clips via the cloud.

Mobile Surveillance Units for Electrical Substation Security - WCCTV USA

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance for Electrical Substations

WCCTV provides market-leading security cameras backed by a fully managed service to provide all-in-one site security for Oil and Gas sites. Our service includes installation of HD surveillance cameras, video monitoring, maintenance and ongoing technical support.

Depending on the size and nature of your substations and facilities, different areas may require different technology, whether that's a pole camera, surveillance trailer, or a camera backed by our virtual security guard services.

When you engage with WCCTV to secure your substations, you will get the full benefit of our 20+ years of experience in delivering the highest quality mobile surveillance solutions. We will deliver a customized security architecture based on your exact requirements. 

Our primary goal is to utilize surveillance cameras backed by a range of intelligent technologies to autonomously detect an intrusion at your substation and raise an alert to whoever is monitoring these cameras in real-time.

This can then initiate a remote theft prevention process, including controlling the cameras to zoom in, sound alarms, and, if necessary, alert the authorities or mobile guards.

The key benefit of surveillance cameras is that they never miss, never take a break,  and are always on guard. They cover areas that your security patrols can't and detect activity in total darkness for a fraction of the cost. 

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