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WCCTV provides rapid deployment video for events

WCCTV's can provide bespoke monitoring systems

Temporary Security Systems for Events

WCCTV's rapidly deployable video systems are ideal solutions for providing temporary security and surveillance for major public events.

WCCTV’s systems have been deployed to provide short-term surveillance at Major League Baseball, the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Tour De France and a range of music festivals and large public gatherings where they assisted with applications such as public safety, traffic management, and information gathering.

The systems provide remote access to live and recorded images which can be viewed in an existing or temporary operations room, while remote operatives can also have access to the video streams via mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, and PC/laptop).

WCCTV also provides body cameras for security safety to provide an added layer of security and safety both for the wearer and the public.

WCCTV Events Security packages can be provided on a sale or rental basis.


  • Major sporting events

  • Music festivals

  • Political demonstrations

  • Rallies

  • Outdoor events

  • Traffic management

WCCTV Events Security

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