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The Benefits of Traffic Surveillance Cameras

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The presence of rapid deployment traffic surveillance cameras at intersections and along highways provides multiple crime prevention and investigation benefits.

Uses for Traffic Surveillance Cameras

Utilizing rapid deployment pole cameras for traffic surveillance provides many benefits to law enforcement agencies and state, municipal, and local government departments. 

WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras can be deployed at traffic signals, placed alongside busy roads or at busy intersections to record traffic patterns, gather data, provide worker and equipment safety at highway construction projects, or assist with preventing and investigating traffic violations.

The built-in 4G LTE transmission technology in all WCCTV's security cameras allows users to view live and recorded video remotely from any device anytime.  

This delivers a unique level of situational awareness that helps police and government prevent and investigate various crimes. 

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras, outlines below some of the key benefits and opportunities delivered by utilizing pole cameras for traffic surveillance. 

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Traffic Surveillance Cameras

Benefits of Traffic Surveillance Cameras

Using traffic surveillance cameras offers several opportunities and benefits; we have selected five of the most common below.

WCCTV's experience comes from having supplied mobile video surveillance systems for traffic management applications globally for over 20 years. 

Improved Traffic Flow

Placing a mobile surveillance camera at common congestion points on highways, freeways, interstates and major arteries can provide invaluable information on the causes and severity of poor traffic flow. 

Users can benefit from full autonomy via video analytics when utilizing a WCCTV mobile surveillance camera for traffic congestion monitoring.

WCCTV's built-in, edge-based analytics system can automatically detect traffic build-up and issue email alerts allow for this information to be shared with road users via traffic warning signs. 

Enhanced Data Gathering

A state transportation department can use mobile surveillance cameras to monitor traffic flows on roads and major arteries.

The information obtained, including details of peak traffic times and accident hotspots, can inform future road development and construction work.

A rapid deployment pole camera gives DOTs the unique option of moving the cameras to new locations quickly and easily. This allows for maximum coverage, and rapid response to any changing surveillance requirements.

WCCTV has developed the 4G Multi-Sensor Dome specifically to deliver surveillance at highway intersections. The unit features an 8 MP multi-sensor camera that provides four different video streams from a single security camera. 

This means users can view traffic in all directions of an intersection with just one unit to install and maintain. 

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Traffic Crime Prevention

Aside from their obvious benefits as intelligence-gathering tools, mobile security cameras are most commonly deployed for crime prevention and investigation. 

A rapid deployment pole camera can target known hotspots for traffic violations or even be deployed along highways where illegal dumping is prevalent. 

WCCTV can provide all of its pole cameras with LPR technology to make the process of criminal investigation even easier.

Safer Roads 

Having a visible surveillance camera presence posted at intersections and along highways can help actively encourage safe driving habits and discourage moving violations.

Protection of Equipment and People at Temporary Construction Works

Deploying a mobile surveillance unit to monitor a temporary road construction site can help protect workers who too often are hurt or killed by careless motorists

A visible surveillance presence, such as a WCCTV Solar Trailer, backed by adequate signage can help discourage dangerous driving and protect highways workers. 

The surveillance system can also keep watch over valuable materials and tools throughout the duration of the project to guard against theft. 

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