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Law Enforcement Surveillance Strategies

In 2021, there was a 12% increase in violent crimes reported nationwide, with over 3.9 million incidents reported to the FBI by local law enforcement agencies.

One of the most important tools utilized by law enforcement agencies to deter and reduce crime within their communities is mobile video surveillance cameras.

Agencies are continually refining their surveillance methods to be more comprehensive and to take a modern approach to the ongoing battle against crime.

WCCTV has worked with law enforcement agencies for over two decades and, over the years, has successfully improved law enforcement surveillance techniques.

Below we cover the different law enforcement methods that are used today.

Law Enforcement Surveillance Strategies

Overt Surveillance Cameras

The presence of visible surveillance cameras will deter crime in public areas.

They can minimize expenditures caused by vandalism, theft, and arson and increase protection for your communities from criminal activity.

Their potential to reduce crime is a valuable metric to consider. Utilizing a cost-effective surveillance camera can provide measurable results without the requirement to increase the workforce in the field.

WCCTV's Pole Cameras are the #1 system of choice for law enforcement agencies across the US.

They have been designed to have a clear visual presence, mainly as most WCCTV camera deployments by PDs are focused on crime prevention and deterrence.

Agencies can access our camera units remotely and view and download live and recorded videos. They can also be easily integrated into existing video management platforms.

The Benefits of Overt Surveillance Cameras


Covert Surveillance Cameras

In some areas, it can be advantageous for law enforcement surveillance to go unnoticed. Here, agencies often rely on hidden surveillance cameras.

Hidden or 'covert' surveillance cameras are not used for crime deterrence; instead, their value is gathering video footage for evidence.

WCCTV's Covert surveillance cameras are designed to blend into their environment and capture footage without their presence being detected.

They can be deployed in response to any criminal activity within any environment.

The Benefits of Covert Surveillance Cameras

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Another powerful law enforcement monitoring strategy is mobile security/surveillance trailers.

The WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer is an autonomously powered rapid-deployment mobile video surveillance system that can be installed at any location, providing surveillance in high crime areas or public safety during major events or large public spaces.

The trailer can be deployed in minutes and will operate regardless of power or internet availability.

This allows PDs to deliver immediate security in high-crime areas, multiplying their situational awareness.

Thanks to their high visibility, they act as an effective crime deterrent in suitable locations where their size and high-tech nature can make them look intimidating.

Find Out More about WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Trailers

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Thermal Cameras

Some departments utilize thermal camera surveillance systems when adverse weather, lighting, or terrain obscures the view of standard surveillance equipment.

These systems leverage thermal imaging to track suspects' movement through snow, rain, foliage, and woodland. Through thermal imaging, police officers can observe suspects from a distance, even in the lowest lighting.

Thermal cameras can be added as a secondary unit on either a WCCTV Pole Camera or Mobile Surveillance Trailer.

Strengthen your department's Law Enforcement Surveillance Techniques with WCCTV

Law enforcement surveillance technologies are constantly improving; therefore, keeping up with what's available is essential.

As mentioned above, mobile surveillance options give departments a flexible way to fill gaps in their coverage. You can also use them for deterrent purposes, collecting valuable data, and monitoring large areas.

WCCTV has recently outlined the key features, and functionality departments should look for when choosing mobile surveillance.

WCCTV Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement

WCCTV has supplied its award-winning range of mobile video surveillance cameras to Law Enforcement in the USA and around the globe since 2001.

Our 4G LTE-enabled pole cameras and surveillance trailers allow agencies to target crime hotspots - fight back against illegal dumping, gang crime, vehicular crimes, and vandalism and provide public safety at major events and in parks and open spaces.

Our experience, award-winning security cameras, and ongoing US-based technical support make us the ideal partner for your surveillance requirements.

For added convenience, all WCCTV's mobile surveillance solutions are available for procurement via GSA Advantage. Click the image below to view WCCTV's catalog.

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