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WCCTV Pole Cameras

WCCTV Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras

Mobile Surveillance Video for Government and City Safety - Pole Cameras

WCCTV Mobile Video Surveillance Solutions

Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras for Federal, State, and Local Governments

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of rapid deployment pole cameras and mobile surveillance trailers designed to assist with a range of city safety applications.

Our vast experience working directly with government agencies, award-winning security cameras, and ongoing support services make us the ideal partner for your mobile video surveillance technology requirements.

Rapid deployment surveillance cameras help combat illegal dumping, traffic violations, crime hotspots, vandalism, and business and parking lot crime. They also provide public safety in open spaces such as parks, downtown areas, and public events.

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Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras

WCCTV's rapid deployment pole cameras are specifically designed to deliver video securely and efficiently via 4G LTE networks.

They are a complete surveillance solution for crime hotspots, areas associated with graffiti, illegal dumping, violence, disorder, gang culture, and drug dealing. They are also ideal for providing surveillance at temporary events due to their portability.

WCCTV's pole cameras are all-in-one systems that combine an HD security camera with 4G LTE transmission technology and onboard recording into a lightweight unit that is easy to install and maintain.

If your applications change, the units can quickly and easily be moved to new locations.

All footage can be accessed remotely by 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can view and download live and recorded video any time from any device.

Rapid deployment video systems offer many benefits over standard security cameras, including ease of installation, reduced setup costs, and an agile response to changing surveillance requirements. Read more on the benefits of mobile video surveillance

WCCTV's Pole Cameras can be provided with a range of power options, including mains (110-240v ac 12v ac-dc), solar, battery, or as part of a WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer.

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Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailers

WCCTV's Mini Dome Solar Trailer is an autonomously-powered rapid deployment mobile video surveillance system that can be installed at practically any location, providing security for businesses and parking lots or acting as a rapid deployment crime-fighting tool in areas of high crime or during public events.

The trailer can be fitted with up to four WCCTV pole cameras, so all live and recorded footage can be accessed via 4G LTE, 3G, and Wi-Fi, any time from any device.

It takes just minutes to install WCCTV's Solar Trailer, and you can quickly move it to new locations to prove security or monitoring at any location. It is an ideal surveillance solution for sites without any fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission.

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Video Surveillance as a Service

WCCTV's Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is a revolutionary approach to video surveillance, allowing government organizations to benefit from world-leading video surveillance cameras and services with minimal upfront investment. 

With WCCTV's VSaaS, you can spread the cost of surveillance equipment over an extended period rather than in one upfront outlay, only pay for security cameras when you need them, and benefit from free upgrades to the latest equipment.

As well as pricing flexibility and a dynamic approach to video surveillance, you will also benefit from WCCTV's US-based customer support - including ongoing training, remote installation support, and proactive heartbeat diagnostics.

Learn more about WCCTV's Video Surveillance as a Service

Key Benefits

20 years' experience in mobile video surveillance

Easy to install rapid deployment cameras

Portable cameras, move as your applications change

Ease of procurement via GSA catalogue

Day / Night surveillance capability

Prevent or investigate criminal activity

Free US-based technical support for the lifetime of the product regardless of warranty

Overt and covert solutions

Specifically engineered to transmit video via 4G LTE

HD quality recordings with time, date stamp, and watermark

Free viewing software for desktop and cell devices

Remote viewing of footage at any time, from any device

Video surveillance as a service option

Integration with existing video management platforms

Future-proofed products and free-of-charge firmware upgrades

Key Products

WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer: An autonomously-powered rapid deployment mobile video surveillance system that can be installed at practically any location

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome+ LPR: A rapid deployment pole camera with an integrated Licence Plate Recognition Camera for specialized mobile surveillance

WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome: A rapid deployment pole camera specifically designed for mobile video surveillance applications featuring IR capability

WCCTV 4G Multi Sensor Dome: A rapid deployment pole camera specifically designed to provide multidirectional video surveillance 

WCCTV Covert Dome: A mobile video surveillance unit that provides discreet surveillance in response to any crime situation.


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