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How Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras Benefit Law Enforcement

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WCCTV, the USA's leading provider of 4G LTE enabled pole-mounted security cameras, explores some of the key Law Enforcement based applications for these truly mobile surveillance units.

Benefits of Pole Cameras for Law Enforcement

Pole-mounted security cameras are an invaluable law enforcement tool. They act as a cost-effective force multiplier, giving agencies additional eyes on the ground in areas associated with criminal activity. 

Their rapid-deployment plug-and-play capabilities allow Law Enforcement agencies to respond quickly to emerging surveillance requirements. They are straightforward to install (typically by a single person) and require minimal configuration. 

Key features of the market-leading pole cameras include integrated 4G cellular transmission for remote video access, onboard recording, and a high-definition PTZ camera, all housed in a single, environmentally tested enclosure.  

The wide range of benefits and capabilities associated with utilizing pole cameras make them the ideal solution for Law Enforcement surveillance applications.

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance units for Law Enforcement, outlines below a sample of the crime prevention and investigation applications our pole cameras are currently deployed to assist across the country.

WCCTV Mobile Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement

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Illegal Dumping

Pole Cameras allow for the direct targeting of locations associated with illegal dumping. They help gather vital evidence for investigations and prosecutions and act as a visual deterrent to deter potential offenders.

The beauty of pole cameras is that once the issues in the target area have been resolved, users can quickly move the cameras to other locations where surveillance is required.

To enhance the camera's effectiveness at fighting illegal dumping, WCCTV supplies its pole cameras with edge video analytics and LPR cameras to capture clear images of license plates.

The LPR cameras connect directly to a nationally hosted license plate data server to allow for investigation.

A WCCTV Pole Camera is easy to deploy and significantly reduces the person hours required to monitor surveillance footage. 

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Business and Parking Lot Security 

Parking Lots present various security risks and create a natural attraction for criminal activities such as vehicle theft, vandalism, and property damage. In fact,  according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10 property crimes occur in a parking lot or garage.

Crime rates at these locations tend to rise by around 30% during the Holidays, so pole cameras offer an ideal temporary security solution to assist with any seasonal crime peaks you experience.  

WCCTV's LotGuard solution, a solar surveillance trailer fitted with up to 4 WCCTV pole cameras, has been specifically designed to prevent crime at parking lots. It creates a quick and visible deterrent while providing 24/7 video recording of activities and events.

The unit is a solar-powered security system installed in any location, takes just minutes to install, and can be provided with edge video analytics, blue lights, sirens, and audio voice-down capability to create the ultimate crime prevention tool.

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Major Events 

Large-scale outdoor events can draw thousands of attendees, creating challenges around crowd safety and security.

To help manage events on this scale, a pole camera can temporarily be deployed to provide increased situational awareness of issues such as additional traffic flow and keeping watch over the busiest areas where people congregate.

Events, where alcohol is consumed, can create an ideal environment for violence and opportunist theft of vehicles or personal property. Having a pole camera presence helps law enforcement communicate that they are keeping watch.

WCCTV's pole cameras all feature 4G LTE cellular connectivity. Law enforcement teams can access live and recorded video anytime from any device, reducing the need for an additional physical presence. 

Public Safety and Crowd Management

Much like the challenges presented by major events, large outdoor gatherings such as protests, demonstrations, rallies, and parades can attract thousands of people and increase law enforcement requirements to protect the safety and security of those present. 

A WCCTV pole camera can be deployed temporarily to boost situational awareness during these gatherings and quickly and easily be moved back to new locations after these temporary occurrences.

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Covert Investigations and Organized Crime

Pole Cameras can also be utilized for covert surveillance applications, including narcotics or gang-related investigations.

To address these requirements, WCCTV developed the 4G Covert Mini Dome - a pole camera designed to blend discreetly into its environment.

Users can utilize this covert pole camera to target locations where organized crime is prevalent and gather vital evidence to support arrest warrants. The unit's integrated 4G LTE transmission capability allows all live and recorded footage to be accessed remotely.

Highways and Intersection Monitoring 

Pole cameras can be deployed for various highway applications, including monitoring traffic patterns for data gathering purposes, providing worker safety and equipment security at city construction projects, or assisting with preventing and investigating traffic violations.

WCCTV has developed a pole camera specifically for highway applications, the WCCTV 4G Multi-Sensor Dome. The unit features an 8 MP multi-sensor camera that provides four different video streams from a single security camera, allowing users to view all directions of a busy intersection or junction. 

Users can use this unique pole camera to provide live video from critical routes to immediately identify congestion, allowing traffic control centers to take action.

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Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Law Enforcement 

WCCTV has supplied its award-winning range of mobile video surveillance cameras to Law Enforcement in the USA and around the globe since 2001.

Our 4G LTE-enabled pole cameras and surveillance trailers allow agencies to target crime hotspots - fight back against illegal dumping, gang crime, vehicular crimes, and vandalism, and provide public safety at major events and in parks and open spaces.

Our experience, award-winning security cameras, and ongoing US-based technical support make us the ideal partner for your surveillance requirements.

For added convenience, WCCTV's mobile surveillance solutions are available for procurement via GSA Advantage. Click the image below to view WCCTV's catalog.


Ready to find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with Law Enforcement? Get in touch today at 877 805-9475 or email



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