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Niagara County District Attorney Case Study

Organization & Sector

New statistics released by the FBI suggesting that the crime rate had gone up as much as 9% spurred the Niagara County District Attorney’s Office to take action to ensure that Niagara County remains a safe, family-friendly community.

Niagara County covers a geographical area of 552 square miles, with a 60-mile shoreline on Lake Ontario encompassing Niagara Falls, and shares a border and three major crossings into Canada.

The County has three cities, 12 towns and several villages and hamlets, each of which have their own unique challenges when trying to address crime and keep their residents safe. Crime patterns vary depending on location, season and time of day. Niagara County attracts a very large tourist population at various times of the year because of its geographical proximity to Canada and is home to one of the wonders of the world. This creates many challenges for law enforcement when addressing criminal activity.

The Solution

As part of the development of Niagara County’s Operation SafeCam initiative, the District Attorney allocated asset forfeiture funds to purchase a quantity of WCCTV 4G HD Mini Dome Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras to jump-start the program and increase the tools available to Niagara County’s Law Enforcement Agencies to fight crime and protect citizens and visitors.

The cameras are mobile and can be relocated quickly and efficiently, as needed to address crime trends or for use in large outdoor venues as they move and displace throughout the year.

The cameras continuously record high definition video while also having the capability of streaming real-time images to multiple remote locations.

The Result

Niagara County now has an autonomous, rapid deployment camera solution in place for public safety that can be relocated across the County quickly and efficiently as needed.

The cameras act as a visual deterrent at high crime areas as well as providing the capability for live remote monitoring from the Niagara Intelligence and Crime Analysis Center, creating interoperability between local law enforcement agencies at all levels and the District Attorney’s Office.


The Quote

“Niagara County remains a safe, wonderful community to raise a family, but statistics like this mean that local government should act to prevent this from becoming a trend We’re bringing new resources to bear immediately in that fight.

Cameras reduce crime, they are a deterrent and a powerful tool in righting wrongs. Criminals need to know that Niagara County is not an easy place for them to operate, and will be even less so.”

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