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WCCTV LotGuard Surveillance Trailer - Parking Lot Security

Surveillance Trailers for Parking Lot Security

Parking Lot Surveillance and Security Cameras - LotGuard by WCCTV

Reduce Parking Lot Crime with LotGuard

Parking Lot Security and Surveillance Cameras

Parking lots present many security risks and naturally attract criminal activity such as theft, vandalism, property damage, and violent crime.

Parking lot crime is a growing trend; the Bureau of Justice Statistics state over 10% of all annual property crimes will happen in a parking lot. That's over 2 million parking lot crimes every year, with monetary losses of over $6B because of those crimes.

WCCTV presents LotGuard, a mobile surveillance unit that protects parking lots and properties against these types of crimes while also keeping your employees and guests safe. 

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WCCTV LotGuard - Always Awake, Always on Guard.

LotGuard is a solar-powered surveillance trailer specifically designed to deter, mitigate, and report any loitering or criminal activity in parking lot environments.

With a LotGuard, you don’t need to provide mounting poles for the surveillance cameras, and there’s no need for onsite power or internet connectivity at your lots. LotGuard is an entirely autonomous surveillance system.

We can customize each LotGuard unit with different camera profiles, including IR PTZ, thermal, license plate recognition (LPR), and four-way multisensor cameras.

These cameras are all capable of delivering live and recorded footage through 4G LTE technology.

This provides the ability to remotely view the live and archived video, regardless of your location, or send the video stream to our remote monitoring partners. They act as a virtual security guard for your lots. 

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A LotGuard surveillance trailer can be installed in minutes, and they are fully portable, too, so simply move it to a new location if your security needs change.

LotGuard can be provided as part of a fully managed surveillance service, including equipment installation, alarm monitoring, US-based technical support, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance.

Get in touch today and find out how LotGuard can deliver complete parking lot security at up to 87%* cheaper than utilizing security guards - without compromising quality, reliability, or results.

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Who Should use a LotGuard?

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • School and University Parking Lots

  • Retail Store Parking

  • Property Management Companies

  • Vehicle Storage Facilities

  • Car Dealerships

  • Auction Properties

  • Parking Garages

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Key Products

Key Benefits

  • Theft Deterrent

  • Crime Prevention 

  • Parking Lot Security

  • Property Protection 

  • Employee and Guest Safety 

  • Trip and Fall Management 

WCCTV LotGuard: Solar Trailer Solution

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WCCTV LotGuard: Solar Pole Solution

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