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The Latest Trends in Parking Lot Security

Managing a Parking Lot presents a range of security risks and creates a natural attraction for criminal activities such as vehicle theft, vandalism, and property damage. 

This problem is so widespread that per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 10% of all property crimes take place in a parking lot.

That is over 2 million parking lot crimes each year, with over $6B in property loss associated with those crimes.  Those numbers are heightened this time of year, with a 30% spike in crime rates around the holidays.

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance cameras, outlines some critical steps that property owners and businesses should take to prevent crimes from occurring. 

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The Newest Trends and Technology to Improve Parking Lot Security

Parking lots present plenty of security challenges.  However, there are several easy steps you can take to keep your workers and your customers safe. 

Each of these ideas will deliver benefits to your parking lot solution, however, some will likely be significantly more effective than others.  In many cases, a blended approach to your security is always recommended. 

At WCCTV, we provide autonomous security cameras for parking lot security. There is no doubt that surveillance systems are the most powerful tools available when it comes to keeping your lots safe – and that power gets even stronger when they're being watched by our event monitoring partners.  

It's not just theft WCCTV's security cameras can help prevent.  The cameras function 24/7, visually documenting everything taking place in your lots – which provides even further support for evidence and liability claims.

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Here are the most recent trends compiled for you by WCCTV.

1. Undertake a Risk Assessment

Before implementing any security measures, you need to undertake a full risk assessment of your parking lots.

This will allow you to understand exactly where you have security weakness, the likely impact of these weaknesses, and who will be affected.

Understanding the severity and number of risks you're facing will also allow you to prioritise which areas to tackle first and how dynamic your approach and solutions need to be.

Are you new to risk assessments for your parking lots?  There are plenty of resources to be found on the ASIS International website.  

You can also click the link below to speak to a WCCTV security expert.

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2. Consider the Design and Maintenance of Your Lots

Criminals operate better under the cover of darkness.  An investment in adequate lighting for your parking lots is a simple and cost-effective way of creating a natural deterrent. Also be sure to think about power supplies in the case of a power outage.

Fences and bushes can create a physical barrier that help keep unwanted people from accessing your lots. It is extremely important to maintain these pieces as bushes, trees and shrubs could  potentially provide cover or hiding places for criminals. 

Protecting your employees and customers is even more important than protecting the property.  Prepare a system to ensure they are not placed in any vulnerable situations.

Have clear signage to help visitors navigate their way around your lots. Ensure areas such as stairwells and elevators are well lit, and consider credit card only payment machines so your visitors don't need to carry cash.

WCCTV LotGuard - Parking Lot Security Camera - Mobile Surveillance Trailer

3. Control and Limit Access to Your Lots

Having controlled access to your lots ensures only authorized people can enter and that a full audit trail of visitors is logged. This can be achieved via a manned or automated security gate using a swipe card or ticketing system.

Controlled access wont work for larger lots, but are a viable solution for private property and commercial parking.

4. Utilize Emergency Phones and Stations

If an emergency occurs at your parking lots, or one of your customers is in immediate danger, having a dedicated emergency phone or station can help them get the immediate assistance they require. 

It may not seem the most important part of your safety programme, especially as everyone has cell phones, but in a flat battery / no signal situation it can help them get connected to an emergency operator when they need it most. 

WCCTV LotGuard - Solar Power Parking Lot Security Camera

5. Deploy Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras

Mobile video surveillance security cameras provide a visible deterrent to potential thieves.  They also provide reassurance to your guests, customers, and employees that their vehicles and personal safety are protected and being watched by this technology solution.  

When security cameras are backed by remote video monitoring, they become a virtual security guard - tracking criminals, gathering evidence, and allowing remote deployment of law enforcement or private security to respond as the situations unfold.

WCCTV's LotGuard parking lot security cameras can be deployed to your lots regardless of your current power situation.  Our solutions are customizable and can adapt to any situation whether you have mounting poles with electricity, or need a more mobile solar solution.  All of our units operate utilizing 4GLTE transmission, making them completely autonomous.

The built in video analytics, automatically detects unwanted intruders, which triggers the customizable escalation process by our monitoring partners.

WCCTV's LotGuard can be provided with the following enhancements:

Additionally, evidence captured by surveillance cameras can also be used to assist with any vehicular accidents/hit and runs that may occur on your premises - helping reduce liability claims and improving your businesses reputation.

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WCCTV Parking Lot Security Services

WCCTV is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of mobile video surveillance solutions that assist with securing parking lots and properties against crime such as vandalism and theft, keeping your employees and guests safe. 

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WCCTV’s pole cameras and solar trailers are designed for rapid deployment, making them a quick and visible deterrent to keep your property and vehicles safe and secure.

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