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The Benefits of Parking Lot Security Cameras

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Utilizing surveillance cameras at your parking lots helps prevent and investigate crime in a cost effective manner. WCCTV's LotGuard is the high tech solution to parking lot crime.

Benefits of Video Surveillance For Parking Lots

Deploying mobile video surveillance cameras to provide security at parking lots has multiple benefits, from delivering 24/7 protection and high-quality digital evidence to their cost effectiveness and reliability. 

WCCTV, the LotGuard parking lot security system supplier, explores the key benefits of deploying surveillance cameras at your retail, dealership, hotel, or office parking lots.

Crime and Theft Prevention

Parking Lots are all too often easy targets for thieves, with statistics showing that most crime at retail outlets, malls, and offices occurs in the parking lot.

Specifically, over 2 million parking lot crimes are committed yearly, with over $6B in property loss to those crimes, with a 30% spike in crime rates around the holidays.

WCCTV's LotGuard provides a visible surveillance solution that not only acts as a deterrent to potential thieves and vandals but also provides reassurance to your guests, customers, and employees that a high-tech security system protects their vehicles.

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High-Quality Video Evidence

As well as working to deter crime, WCCTV's LotGuard systems store HD quality video (up to 1080p), providing vital evidence to assist Law Enforcement with criminal investigations.

Evidence captured by security cameras can also assist with vehicular accidents/hit-and-runs that may occur on your premises - helping reduce liability claims and improving your business's reputation.

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Cost Effectiveness

The cost of employing security guards to protect parking lots is often prohibitive.

A typical unarmed guard will cost between $12 - $20 per hour depending on the state, with an armed guard costing $18 -$25 per hour.*

This price does not include factors such as the potential requirement for multiple guards to cover larger lots, the cost of ongoing training, vetting, rest facilities, and vehicles - all of which push hourly rates ever upwards - even before public holiday premium rates are considered.

LotGuard solutions are often anywhere up to 88% cheaper than the cost of security guards without compromising on quality or results.

Quality and Reliability

Video surveillance provides a more accurate and detailed overview of incidents that occur at parking lots than a security guard can.

This includes being able to identify criminal activity in the lowest lighting conditions. Technology such as infrared, thermal imaging, and video analytics allow cameras to see things a human eye would find impossible to detect.

A surveillance camera can also view a much wider area than a security guard, and most importantly, WCCTV's LotGuard never loses concentration, even for a second.

Our cameras are always attentive, ready to stop and catch thieves, vandals, and other would-be criminals 24/7. They don’t suffer lapses in concentration or attention fatigue. 

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LotGuard Parking Lot Cameras

From a technology perspective, WCCTV's LotGuard, fitted with WCCTV’s Pole Cameras, represents the next generation of unmanned site security in terms of convenience, flexibility, and quality.

Live and recorded footage can be accessed via wireless networks, including cellular connectivity, allowing users to remotely view and download the video via mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC) or an existing video management system.

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