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Hutchins Police Department - Traffic Management

Background - Traffic Monitoring and Business Protection

Hutchins Police Department's mission is to provide protection of lives and property, preserve public peace, and provide needed community services with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.

With a rapidly growing population around the city and rising traffic congestions, the Police Department required a mobile surveillance system that would allow them to monitor traffic levels and also protect local businesses and parking lots against theft and criminal damage.

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The Solution - WCCTV Pole Cameras

To meet these dual requirements, the Hutchins Police Department invested in WCCTV's Pole Cameras, completely portable mobile video surveillance units. 

As an all-in-one video surveillance solutions, WCCTV's Pole Cameras combine HD security cameras, 4TB's of onboard recording capacity, and 4G LTE transmission technology into a portable, lightweight unit.

The units are easy to install and maintain and can easily be moved to a new location to target crime hotspots or if surveillance requirements change.

Hutchins PD can remotely receive live video from the desired location at a greatly reduced cost over traditional installations by utilising existing infrastructure and securing the Pole Cameras to an existing commercial sign.

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The Result - Strategic Policing

The WCCTV 4G IR Mini Dome has given Hutchins PD reliable video streaming of key thoroughfare, helping the department make strategic decisions regarding traffic build-up and take proactive measures to aid drivers.

Mobile Video Surveillance - Pole Camera With LPR - WCCTV USA

As the units are easy to redeploy to new locations, Hutchins PD can relocate the camera to other areas within the City that experience crime, providing reassurance to residents and businesses alike.

The Quote

“By deploying the WCCTV Mini Dome, we were able to monitor key areas of the City and any incidents which occurred. This led to us being able to manage our Police teams successfully and to make key decisions quickly.

Throughout the process, WCCTV has been excellent in helping us find a solution to really fit our needs. The WCCTV Mini Dome has proven to be an excellent asset in our mission to provide the City with our safety and protection.”

Chief of Police - Hutchins Police Department

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