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The Environmental Impact of High-Rise Littering

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High-rise littering is still very present throughout the neighborhoods of the US. WCCTV examines the impact of this crime and outlines ways to mitigate it.

Why is Littering So Problematic?

Global environmental issues are a hot topic, with news of fires in the Amazon, plastic waste pollution, and the utilization of green energy; the list is endless.

High-rise littering and illegal dumping are still very present throughout the neighborhoods of the US.

On average, the National Environment Agency (NEA) received 29,000 complaints of high-rise littering alone in the last three years.

This persistent littering, alongside illegal dumping, can have decremental effects on the environment, the health of citizens, and even the danger of life in extreme circumstances.

Below, WCCTV examines the impact of this crime and outlines ways to mitigate it.

What is High-Rise Littering?

High-rise littering is the disposal of personal garbage in an authorized way, frequently from apartment windows – posing a danger to health, property, and the environment.

The garbage from a high-rise apartment accelerates, which can then cause harm to a person or damage property if they happen to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Not only that, but indirect damage can also occur with the sudden loud noise that can shock or disorient those with disorders or the elderly – acutely causing damage.

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Why is High-Rise Littering Common?

Neighborhoods where the typical household is below the poverty line report litter on their blocks much more commonly than well-off households.

Households above 200% of the poverty level report litter in the areas around their homes half as often as households between 50% and 99% of the poverty level (7% vs. 14%). (SOURCE)

The current high-rise littering repercussions are:

  1. Fines

  2. Community Work

  3. Jail Term

How Can High-Rise Littering Be Prevented?

Installing surveillance cameras is a positive way for communities, governments, and law enforcement to help fight back against high-rise littering with the following:

  1. Post-incident investigation: Identify violators with high-definition evidential footage that can lead to prosecution within the courtroom.

  2. Prevention of the crime: When people know that punishment is consistent and inevitable, their unwillingness to pay fines or get involved in a lawsuit makes potential offenders think twice and put extra effort into putting their garbage into trash bins, not out the window.

  3. Real-Time detection: Using a mobile video surveillance system that utilizes onboard analytics lets you detect specific objects in real-time

Fighting high-rise littering can save lives and bring additional funds to the municipal budget.

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WCCTV: Mobile Surveillance Cameras for High-Rise Littering Prevention

WCCTV's Pole Cameras allow for directly targeting locations associated with high-rise littering and illegal dumping.

They help government, law enforcement, and business owners gather vital evidence and act as a visual deterrent to deter potential offenders.

Once the issues in the target area have been addressed, WCCTV's mobile cameras can be moved to other locations where surveillance is required.

They can be supplied with edge video analytics to enhance the camera's effectiveness at fighting illegal dumping.

Finally, a WCCTV pole camera doesn't just record incidents; when fitted with a blue light alarm or audio address system, it can proactively catch high-rise dumpers in the act and issue an immediate warning - preventing the crime from happening.

Want to reduce illegal dumping at your properties or in your community? Speak to WCCTV's surveillance experts today to see how we can help - 877 805 9475 or



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