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WCCTV at PSE 2024: Revolutionizing Law Enforcement Surveillance

Police Surveillance Cameras

WCCTV is delighted to announce that it will host at booth at the upcoming Police Security Expo (PSE) 2024. Join us at Booth #1731 on June 25 & 26, 2024, at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ.

Join WCCTV at PSE 2024

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance systems to police and law enforcement agencies, will participate in this year's Police Security Expo (PSE) held at the Atlantic City Convention Center in Atlantic City, NJ

Head to Booth #1731 on June 25th and 26th to see how mobile video surveillance units transform law enforcement and improve officer safety.

What to Expect at WCCTV's Booth

At PSE 2024, we will demonstrate our complete range of law enforcement-focused mobile surveillance products. These include:

  • Solar Surveillance Trailers: Solar trailers are ideal for temporary security and targeted surveillance at locations lacking power, internet, and camera mounting availability. They are completely autonomous security systems that require zero maintenance.  

  • Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras: WCCTV's rapid deployment pole cameras can be quickly installed in high-crime areas, offering a robust solution for temporary surveillance needs. The cameras are easy to relocate to meet any changing surveillance requirements.

How WCCTV's Solutions Benefit Law Enforcement

WCCTV rapid deployment, relocatable surveillance cameras are specifically designed to support a wide range of law enforcement activities:

  • Deter Crimes: Surveillance units are a visible show of force in areas associated with high crime rates.
  • Record Evidence: Capture high-quality video evidence that can support criminal investigations
  • Direct Police Officers: The live video feeds from surveillance units provide critical information to direct officers in strategic deployment and rapid response.
  • Protecting People and Property: Deploy units when and where they are needed most, from parking lots to parks and public events
  • Increase Officer Safety: Enhancing situational awareness through live video supports officers in the field, improving their safety during operations.

Mobile Surveillance Trailer for Law Enforcement

Deployment Scenarios for WCCTV Cameras

Our mobile video surveillance systems provide the ideal security solution for several policing use cases, including:

  • High-Crime Areas: Deploy cameras to locations with high crime rates to deter criminals and capture evidence.
  • Public Events: Secure major public gatherings such as sporting events, music festivals, and voting stations
  • Parking Lot Security: Live monitor parking lots to deter and detect criminal activities, including theft and violence.
  • Illegal Dumping Prevention: Target areas associated with high rates of illegal dumping and gather evidence of offenses.
  • Traffic Management: Monitor and manage traffic flow via live video stream to help reduce congestion and improve road safety.
  • School and Campus Safety: Safeguard educational facilities by monitoring entrances, exits, and common areas.
  • Public Utilities Protection: Boost security at critical infrastructure such as water treatment facilities, transportation hubs, and power facilities.

Visit Us at PSE 2024

Whether you're looking to enhance crime deterrence, improve evidence collection, or increase officer safety, WCCTV has the mobile video surveillance solutions to help.

Mark your calendar, and be sure to visit WCCTV at Booth #1731.

For more information about our products and services, click below.

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