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Meet WCCTV at the TDEM Conference 2024

Emergency Management Cameras

WCCTV will participate as an exhibitor at the Texas Emergency Management Conference 2024, taking place at the Fort Worth Convention Center from May 28-31.

Join WCCTV at TDEM 2024

WCCTV is delighted to announce its participation as an exhibitor at the upcoming Texas Emergency Management Conference, which takes place May 28th—31st at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

As the USA's leading provider of mobile video solutions to government agencies, the Company will showcase how its innovative surveillance platforms play a critical role in emergency management operations.

The conference will bring together over 3,500 elected officials, first responders, emergency managers, and decision-makers from across the Lone Star State and the United States.

With over 180,000 square feet of exhibit space, attendees can explore a wide range of innovative products and services.

WCCTV welcomes visitors to Booth 547 to explore how our rapid deployment, autonomously operated surveillance units can enhance emergency management capabilities.


Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras for Emergency Management

WCCTV representatives will be on hand to demonstrate the Company's full range of surveillance products and supporting platforms, and provide details on the range of deployment scenarios where they can dramatically enhance safety and security.

These products include:

Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailers

WCCTV's solar surveillance trailers are the ultimate mobile video surveillance solution.

Their portability and autonomous operation mean they can be deployed and relocated within minutes, allowing emergency managers to quickly bring cameras, lights, audio, and other security devices where they are most needed - quickly.

They are the ideal safety and security solution for:

  • Disaster Sites: Deploy trailers quickly to respond to emergency situations to provide immediate situational awareness and support coordination efforts.
  • Major Events: Secure large public gatherings and maintain safety during temporary events such as concerts, music festivals, and community events.
  • Crowd Management: Monitor large crowds, detect potential issues early, and quickly respond to emerging situations to maintain order.
  • Public Works: Provide security at temporary projects or jobsites, protect materials and assets, and boost workforce safety.

Solar Surveillance Trailer at Remote Location

Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras

WCCTV's Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras offer plug-and-play installation, portability, and ease of use, making them perfect for emergency management scenarios.

These compact mobile surveillance units utilize cellular video transmission, feature day/night PTZ cameras, and offer remote access via WCCTV's free mobile app and desktop software.

They can also be quickly installed on existing infrastructure, such as streetlights and buildings.

Typical deployment scenarios include:

  • Election and Voting Station Security: Maintain the safety and integrity of voting stations during elections with real-time monitoring.
  • Traffic Management: Monitor traffic flow and quickly identify and respond to accidents or incidents on the road.
  • Public Safety: Enhance security in public areas, parks, and municipal facilities.

WCCTV Pole Camera and LPR Unit

Supporting Emergency Management Operations

With over 20 years of experience supporting government agencies in the US and across the globe, WCCTV firmly understands the critical role that surveillance and monitoring play in emergency management.

The Company's solutions have been meticulously crafted to provide real-time, high-quality video footage to support decision-making and ensure the safety and security of communities.

By using WCCTV's mobile surveillance platforms, emergency managers can:

  • Improve Situational Awareness: View events as they occur with real-time monitoring and make informed and timely decisions.
  • Enhance Coordination: Share video feeds with partner agencies to improve coordination and response.
  • Immediate Coverage: Deploy surveillance solutions exactly when and where they are needed most, with the delays of complicated setup procedures.

Visit Us at Booth 547

WCCTV looks forward to connecting with emergency management professionals at the Texas Emergency Management Conference.

Head over to Booth 547 to learn more about mobile video surveillance solutions and how they can support emergency management operations.

The team will be on hand to answer your questions, demonstrate WCCTV's capabilities, and share a coffee and a goodie bag.

For more information about our solutions and how they can benefit your organization, please visit our government security page or contact us directly.

We look forward to seeing you in Fort Worth!

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