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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Surveillance System?

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We explore the key factors you should consider when opting for a new surveillance camera and the many benefits of both security cameras and surveillance trailers.

Has it been several years since you originally installed your surveillance cameras? If so, you may wonder whether it's time to upgrade. we look at some tell-tale signs you're due an upgrade.

How do you know if you need to upgrade your Surveillance Cameras?

You may have some reservations about whether it's worth upgrading your current surveillance cameras, and you may also be concerned about the time, cost, and disruption caused by the upgrade process.

But, as with all technology, security cameras can become outdated and even obsolete. Utilizing older-generation cameras can leave you just as exposed to criminality as if you weren't using cameras at all.

Below, the security experts at WCCTV explore how surveillance technology has evolved, and what you should look for in a camera when it's time to upgrade.

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Image Quality

Image quality is one of the first things you should be checking when deciding if your cameras need an upgrade.

A camera is only as effective as its picture quality, and older-generation cameras were notorious for producing grainy images. 

Cameras capture video at different resolutions - the lower the resolution, the lower the image quality. Poor-quality images make it difficult or impossible to utilize the footage in criminal investigations – even if a crime occurs in the camera's direct line of sight.

If you watch the recorded footage on your surveillance system and cannot identify people or read license plates, you have a major problem. Criminals cannot be prosecuted using the footage as evidence, making your surveillance system redundant.

High-definition (HD) cameras can record at a much higher resolution compared to older cameras. These support 720p or 1080p resolutions (the more 'P' of pixels, the better), allowing you to highlight events and people more clearly.

Upgrade your Surveillance Camera image quality Today

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Older surveillance systems required a lot of supporting infrastructure such as internet cables, power cables, and a structure to mount the camera to.

The process was so complex and costly that once the camera was installed, it was staying in that location permanently.

Unfortunately, this doesn't offer much flexibility. If you are a law enforcement department, you may want to move your cameras from location to location as surveillance priorities change.

As a construction project manager, you will definitely want to move your cameras around the site as they develop.

Mobile surveillance units offer this flexibility. They take minutes to install and can be moved from location to location with little to no requirements for supporting infrastructure.

The ultimate portable and autonomous surveillance unit available today is a Solar Surveillance Trailer. A fully solar power, rapid deployment security unit that can be deployed to any location and quickly relocated when needed.

Online or Offline?

With older-generation cameras, there was no easy way to detect whether your cameras were operating effectively. 

Ensuring a camera was online, recording, and pointing in the right direction meant connecting to the camera manually and checking that all was good. 

The latest generation of surveillance cameras provided by WCCTV has built-in diagnostic tools that monitor camera health automatically. 

If a camera goes offline or any other issues are identified, an automatic alert is generated meaning you can take immediate action to resolve the issue. 

Speak to us about a Solar Surveillance Trailer Today

Day/Night Functionality

It's also important to consider how well your surveillance system functions in day and nighttime situations. Surveillance cameras operate best when they can "see" 24/7, during daylight hours, and in low-light conditions at night.

Construction site security is often compromised too often due to lack of adequate lighting facilities. This allows thieves to operate under cover of darkness and makes your sites easy pickings.

The built-in Smart infrared technology in all our surveillance cameras removes this opportunity by delivering high-quality night vision - detecting intruders on your sites that the human eye would fail to spot.

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By not upgrading, you also miss out on valuable integration opportunities that can help turn your security system from reactive to proactive.

In the event of a security incident, older systems rely on security operators to review footage and investigate, but this is after the fact. Modern systems boast features such as remote access, live alerts, and integration with access control, all of which can help streamline your security operations while being more cost-effective.

You are missing out on these cutting-edge features by not upgrading your surveillance system. In turn, this limits how proactive your security measures are, potentially putting your job site and valuable assets at risk.

We recently published an article on the benefits of a dual, proactive, and reactive surveillance approach to job site security.

Upgrade Your Surveillance Cameras with Us

If you already have surveillance cameras that are up to date, but you're looking for advanced crime detection and deterrence capabilities, then our managed surveillance cameras for are for you.

Our market-leading camera technology is backed by a managed service that includes equipment installation, monitoring services, maintenance, and ongoing US-based technical support.

They can be deployed to any location for any application, regardless of power and Wi-Fi availability. Our units have the latest built-in LTE transmission technology and can be fully solar-powered, making them entirely autonomous.

Ready to learn more about Mobile Surveillance Cameras? Speak to us today on 877 805 9475 or get in touch



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