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Why Security Depends on Proactive and Reactive Surveillance

Video surveillance systems can be differentiated into two categories: proactive and reactive units. But as surveillance technology advances, mobile video surveillance cameras can do both.

One of the many benefits of mobile surveillance units is that they can stop crimes in progress while simultaneously gathering high quality video evidence.

This unique benefit helps construction job sites, parking lots, energy facilities, and even law enforcement agencies reduce the impact of crimes such as theft, vandalism, and arson.

WCCTV, the global leader in mobile video surveillance cameras, below outlines the benefits of a dual, proactive and reactive, surveillance approach.

Why Security Depends on a Proactive and Reactive Surveillance Approach Main

Keeping your Businesses Safe with Reactive and Proactive Video Surveillance

Reactive surveillance systems rely solely on recording events for retrospective review – saving metadata and capturing vital evidence to assist where criminals have targeted your business.

Comparatively. proactive systems are designed to stop and deter crimes before they happen.

By integrating features such as voice address systems, lights, and sirens, they let criminals know they are being watched.

Nine times out of 10, they will leave empty-handed – the most valuable result any surveillance system can deliver.

You will also have the vital video evidence you need to help identify the would-be criminals.

If you select a system that has both reactive and proactive surveillance, the benefits you will gain are:


Features of a Proactive and Reactive Surveillance System

WCCTV’s mobile surveillance units integrate video analytics to provide instant verification and alerts for a range of activities such as intrusion, loitering, and suspicious item detection.

This allows for an automated approach to video surveillance, removing the requirement for continual live monitoring.

A crime prevention response is initiated if one of the above activities is detected. This involves triggering an audio warning, blue light alarm, and/or siren.

Ay WCCTV, we recently highlighted the benefits of utilizing Voice Down systems alongside a mobile surveillance unit. Read more on how these systems help stop criminals in their tracks.

How Voice Down Systems Deter Crime on Construction Job Sites

Voice Down systems can be customized to meet your specific requirements, including:


Combining surveillance cameras with remote monitoring

Remote monitoring involves a proactive system that combines surveillance cameras, video analytics, alarms, monitoring centers, and a proactive crime prevention response.

These surveillance systems are more effective and provide considerable cost savings versus a full-time security guard.

Why Is Remote Monitoring Increasing in Popularity?

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