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WCCTV Heartbeat

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What is the WCCTV Heartbeat?

WCCTV's Heartbeat diagnostic service ensures the correct operation of your WCCTV systems by regularly and continually checking the health status of the cameras.

It is a comprehensive health, status, and operation-checking application that automatically detects any issues with your surveillance cameras - allowing for swift corrective action.

WCCTV's Heartbeat is just one of the ways we deliver excellence in product performance and customer support and provide constant peace of mind that your surveillance cameras are operational. 

What does WCCTV Heartbeat detect?

Connection Issues: We will report if the connection to your WCCTV system fails or the system goes offline.

Camera Failures: We can detect if a camera has developed a fault or has been tampered with.

Hard Disk Failures: We can detect any hard disk failures or if the system stops recording.

Recording Issues: Reports if the system records for less time than expected.

Time & Date Inaccuracy: Reports when the time is incorrect or tampered with.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensure your surveillance cameras¬†are operating correctly

  • Ensure your surveillance cameras are configured to your specification

  • Identify issues quickly and reduce downtime

  • Save your company time and resources

  • Maintain department KPIs

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WCCTV Heartbeat Diagnostics - Proactive video surveillance health checking
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