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Harlingen Waterworks Case Study

Organization and Sector

The Harlingen Waterworks System serves approximately 27,000 water customers, as well as the towns of Combes, Primera and Palm Valley.

As such has a significant amount of automated unmanned process facilities in the form of water treatment plants, boosters and water tower some of which are in remote parts of the city.

The Challenge

Unmanned facilities create two distinct challenges. The first is in relation to security. Intrusion and theft not only create cost and inconvenience to the organization – they can also result in significant delays to the water process, affecting service to the customer.

Harlingen Waterworks need immediate alerts if there is any sign of intrusion on their sites. They also need visual verification of the intrusion in order to create an appropriate response.

The second challenge is operational. Automated water treatment sites are equipped with state of the art diagnostic telemetry systems which alert the Waterworks operators to even the slightest change in the process.

An alert often means that an operator will need to deploy to the remote facility to visually verify equipment or water levels Remote sites can sometimes result in longer journey times for an operator at inconvenient times during the day or night.

The Solution

Harlingen Waterworks invested in multiple WCCTV's 4G HD Mini Dome Cameras across a number of there automated facilities. The cameras have the ability to transmit live and recorded footage via the 4G LTE network to the operations team at any HWWS location.

The cameras also have a video analytics capability that can detect intrusion and send an email and live video alerts to the HWWS operations Centre allowing them to verify security breaches and take immediate appropriate action.

The Result

The WCCTV 4G HD Mini Dome has provided HWWS with the ability to secure remote facilities providing visual verification of potential security breaches.

The same system has also enhanced the automation equipment by providing high definition live video to the operations team from any location reducing the need for unnecessary visits to any site.

The Quote

“Having WCCTV’s High Definition Mini Dome Cameras across numerous facilities meant all areas can be remotely viewed on our Smartphones whilst not on site, giving us the ability to view the water process or any issues that may occur.

The footage proved to be of an extremely high standard, making it easier to verify security breaches and save inconvenient site visits.”

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