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Body Worn Cameras are currently in use by a number of Local Authorities across the UK, and offer a multitude of benefits to the wearer and the public they serve.

With many public realm enforcement officers, lone workers and vulnerable workers looking to increase both personal and public safety, the appropriate and proportionate use of body worn cameras can deliver a level of safety, reassurance and evidence gathering that is critical to ensuring the welfare of all parties.

Key applications for Body Worn Cameras across Local Authorities include:

  • Parking enforcement

  • Environmental enforcement

  • Street scene management

  • Lone worker protection

  • Town centre management

Body Worn Cameras for Local Authorities 1

 Key objectives for Local Authorities who implement Body Worn Camera programmes include:

  • Protecting their staff and members of the public

  • Protecting against assaults, aggression or abusive behaviour towards staff

  • Deterring crime and anti-social behaviour

  • Assisting in the identification and prosecution of offenders by providing evidential video

  • Reassure workers against the fear of crime, aggression and violence

  • Promoting compliance with appropriate and acceptable working practices

  • Health and safety applications and resolutions

To assist Local Authorities in achieving the above objectives, the BSI recently launched the BS 8593 Code of Practice for the Effective Deployment of Body Worn Video (BWV).

The code of practice aims to strike a balance between ensuring safety for the wearer and the public and ensuring the privacy rights of public.

WCCTV, as a manufacturer and provider of Body Worn Cameras to multiple Local Authorities, are highly experienced in advising users on the best deployment of Body Worn Video, ensuring users are compliant and effective in their use of this technology. 

If your Local Authority is considering the use of Body Worn Video, please contact us directly to discuss your potential application and we would be happy to offer advice, assistance and even organise a trail of our systems.