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Why You Should Install Time Lapse Cameras at Construction Sites

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Time Lapse Videos showcase your construction projects in an engaging format that helps with your video marketing efforts and wins you more business.

Capturing the right attention is vital for construction companies. It can help you win new projects, secure investment, or help get new projects off the ground.

Time Lapse Videos: What You Need to Know

At WCCTV, we have previously outlined the many marketing benefits that construction time lapse videos deliver, but what exactly makes them so effective? How should a construction company go about selecting the right provider? What should you expect from the end result and during the project?  

Below WCCTV, the USA's leading provider of mobile video surveillance cameras including construction time lapse cameras, explains what makes time lapse videos so important and how they can work for you. 

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Time Lapse Videos Are Attention Grabbers

Video marketing is the most effective way of getting eyes on your business.

Statistics show that the average consumer will watch more than 100 minutes of video online daily, but your video marketing efforts are as effective as the content they contain.

Time Lapse Videos are undeniably engaging and fascinating to watch. Seeing months, maybe years, worth of construction and civil engineering feats pulled together in minutes captures not just the eyes of your target audience but their imagination too. 

But not all Time Lapse Videos are created equally; there is so much more to creating an engaging video than plugging in a camera at your construction site.

Firstly, choosing the right camera is crucial; the video below shows what can be achieved with a specialized, 4K resolution time lapse camera.

However, a true Time Lapse Company like WCCTV focuses on much more than just cameras.

We have a dedicated and experienced team of installation technicians and marketing creatives who will help you install cameras in the optimum locations, select the most appropriate recording time and duration and wrap the whole project together with a range of post-production video editing services. 

Post-production is perhaps the most critical element to creating a truly engaging time lapse. Just the smallest element such as adding music can stop your video falling flat, and help create an uplifting feeling that keeps the viewer fully engaged.

Add text overlays, animations, and a wide range of enhancements into the mix, and you'll receive a video that tells the story of your construction projects.

Tell Your Story, Sell Your Services

The power of video as a storytelling medium is unrivaled.

Every construction project has its own unique story, and the best time lapse videos will help you tell that story in a way that is quick, digestible, and visually engaging.

They help you share project updates, celebrate key milestones or recap everything you've achieved at the end of your construction project. 

WCCTV is currently providing time lapse video services to Bridging North America - the partnership responsible for constructing the Gordie Howe Bridge linking North America and Canada. It's the largest ongoing construction project in the USA.

Project update videos produced by WCCTV have been shared across their social media and YouTube channels, racking up thousands of views and gaining national attention for the companies involved. 

Check out the video below, which shows the construction of a tower crane, 35 hours of work in a 35-second video.

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Time Lapse Videos Work on All Mediums

Your target audience is overwhelmed by a barrage of content every day, so much so that they typically only skim through websites and social media. You have a very short window to grab their attention. 

Time Lapse videos are just that - short, eye-catching, and engaging visual storytellers. 

However, what is considered a short video depends entirely on the platform your target audience is using.

The recommended length of a marketing video is around two minutes (source), but this generally only applies to your websites. When it comes to social media, the recommended length becomes much shorter. 

Time Lapse Videos are incredibly flexible, especially when you're working with a provider like WCCTV who can deliver full post-production editing services. We can speed up, trim or repurpose your videos so that they work across all of your digital platforms.

WCCTV can deliver videos as short as 30 seconds (ideal for Instagram and Facebook), that still capture the whole of your project. 

When you're working with WCCTV you'll also have access to our time lapse video portal where you can produce your own update videos at the push of a button, and we can even provide you with edited monthly update videos to keep the engagement going throughout your project. 


WCCTV Construction Time Lapse Cameras

WCCTV has over 15 years of experience working with the construction industry, providing a 3-in-1 video solution for security, remote project management, and time Lapse Video.

We will work in partnership with your during your projects to ensure we capture the key milestones of your projects and deliver your perfect Time Lapse Video.

We will provide full post-project video editing services, including text overlay, music and removing any periods of inactivity, so you have an incredible highlights package to share across all your digital channels.

You'll also be given access to our time lapse portal so that you can download your own progress videos at the push of a button, and even embed the live video onto your website.

For more information on WCCTV’s Time Lapse Video cameras, get in touch today on 877-805 9475 or send us an email by completing this short contact form.



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