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WCCTV to Exhibit at TSDPCA Conference 2023

The event, held from June 11-15, brings together law enforcement officials from school districts across the state to discuss key campus safety and security issues.

During the event, WCCTV will demonstrate its campus safety and security-focused mobile video surveillance cameras, widely utilized by ISDs and campuses across Texas and the broader US.

2023 TSDPCA Conference TN

With school safety and security becoming an increasingly important issue across the United States, school districts are looking for innovative ways to enhance their security infrastructure and respond more effectively to potential threats.

You can find WCCTV on Booth #58, where there will be live demonstrations of:

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Solutions

WCCTV’s attendance at the Texas School District Police Chief Conference underscores the company's commitment to providing innovative and effective security solutions to law enforcement officials across various sectors, including education, healthcare, and law enforcement.

As security threats continue to evolve and become more complex, mobile video surveillance solutions like those offered by WCCTV will play an increasingly important role in helping law enforcement officials stay ahead of potential security threats and protect the communities they serve.

To learn more, visit WCCTV at the 2023 TSDPCA Conference on booth #58.

If you are out of state or unable to attend, contact us below, and one of our security experts will contact you to discuss your requirements.

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