WCCTV provides event security for City of Richardson

WCCTV's rapid deployment video systems were recently chosen to provide security at City of Richardson's annual Wildflower Arts & Musical Festival.

The event, which is held annually each May, draws crowds of up to 70,000 to the City, which in turn presents a range of logistical and security challenges for organizers.

With a large crowd spread across the city, the City of Richardson required a flexible security solution that required minimal supporting infrastructure to help with public safety.

WCCTV's Rapid Deployment Site Tower was identified as an ideal solution for this application. The Site Tower is an all-in-one rapid deployment video system that integrates an infrared PTZ camera, local recording and live video streaming via 4G LTE connectivity into a portable and easy to install unit.

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Most importantly, the Site Tower has a range of flexible powering options including mains, autonomous fuel cell and solar powering, meaning it requires zero infrastructure for power and video transmission - making it ideal for deployment at temporary events.

The WCCTV Site Tower provided event organizers with a remote patrol enabling the festival to proceed in a safe & efficient manner. The live video streams from the Site Tower's were relayed back to a central control room where WCCTV's Multi-View software allowed them to simultaneously monitor multiple streams in real-time.

Speaking on WCCTV's services, event organizers said the following:

“The WCCTV Site Tower was a resounding success. We were quickly able to deploy cameras to remote locations without being constrained by power or communications.

The WCCTV Site Towers were installed quickly by City employees and provided important coverage to event organizers and law enforcement throughout the event supporting those on the ground to provide a safe and enjoyable event for all.”

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