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The Most Common Thefts from Construction Sites

Construction site theft continues to be a major challenge for business owners. As the cost of materials and equipment continues to rise, unsecured job sites present a low risk, high reward opportunity for thieves.

Materials such as copper, lumber and tools are there for the taking when your crews leave the site, and unless you have a security process and surveillance cameras in place, thieves can help themselves.

WCCTV, the USA's leading provider of managed security cameras for construction job sites, details below the most commonly stolen items from job sites and explains how you can prevent your sites from being targeted. 

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1. Copper Theft

Statistics from the Department of Energy reveal that the amount of stolen copper exceeds $1 billion every year. 

The majority of those thefts occur at construction sites where criminals know they can find it and easily access it - even if the site has perimeter fencing installed.

Criminals know they can sell the copper on for a good price, too, with the per-pound price rising from $3 to $4 between 2019 and 2021.

Copper theft from construction sites is not only one of the most common crimes; it's also one of the most impactful for business owners. 

When equipment is stolen, the impact is generally only on the loss of the equipment, but when copper is stripped from a job site, it leaves a trail of destruction beyond just the value of the copper.

Thieves can rip out days, even weeks’ worth of work to get at copper wiring or piping, causing significant delays to the project. 

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2. Lumber Theft

Lumber is easy to steal, easy to transport, easy to resell and in high demand - so it's no surprise it appears on our list of commonly stolen items from construction sites. 

Lumber is rarely inventoried and is often left unsecured overnight in laydown areas, making it an easy target for thieves. 

The material is in particularly high demand right now as shortages caused by the Coronavirus pandemic take hold. These shortages have seen the price of lumber soar through 2020 and 2021, with some reports of prices rising by up to 188%.

Unsurprisingly, this has led to a spate of lumber thefts from construction sites, with one site in Texas recently hit for over $10,000's worth of lumber in a burglary that took less than 20 minutes

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3. Small Tools Theft

Small construction tools such as hammers and saws are easy to transport, frequently left lying about on-site, and easy to resell, making them a prime target for opportunist thieves. 

While your company may not initially miss a wrench, saw, or hammer, the cumulative loss of multiple tools will eventually add up over time.

The inconvenience of replacing these smaller items also adds up in lost person hours.

Ensuring a culture of site security, whereby tools are locked away at the end of every shift, is essential for removing this opportunity. Keeping an inventory of all tools on-site will also help.

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4. Power Tools

Recent reports suggest that theft of power tools is increasing exponentially and will continue to rise through 2025. 

This is unsurprising. Power tools can be highly valuable, and the rise of online market places such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace and others allow these tools to be moved on quickly without questions. 

Time and productivity lost because of tool theft can critically damage a construction company's brand, reputation and, in some cases, result in financial penalties for missed deadlines.

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5. Heavy Machinery 

Theft of heavy machinery is less commonplace than that of small tools or power tools, but larger equipment remains a target for thieves looking to make a significant profit on a high-risk, high-reward crime. 

Ensuring that all keys are removed from loaders and earthmovers and that keys are not left on-site or locked away will help prevent the vast majority of these thefts. Taking further measures such as removing batteries and steering wheels will remove the opportunity almost completely. 

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