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Why Every Construction Site Needs Security Cameras

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Every construction job site has its own unique set of security and safety risks, which is why WCCTV supplies customizable video surveillance security cameras to suit all sites.

Why Do Construction Sites Need Security Cameras

Every construction job site has unique security and safety risks, but regardless of their differences, every site should utilize security cameras for video surveillance.

Typical risks faced by construction sites include vandalism, accidents, and theft of equipment and materials, all of which can cause serious disruption to projects. 

Theft has become such a widespread and persistent issue that the National Equipment Register (NER) and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimate losses to construction companies are somewhere between $300m and $1b annually, a truly shocking statistic!

Learn more about WCCTV Construction Site Security Cameras

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Why all Construction Sites Need Security Cameras

WCCTV, the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras, below outlines why all construction sites should utilize security cameras and how WCCTV's customizable job site security solutions can meet your requirements no matter what kind of site you operate.

They are a Visual Deterrent to Criminals

Security cameras deployed around your job sites are often enough of a deterrent to prevent trespass and vandalism.

This can be enhanced further by installing signs around your sites indicating that you have security cameras in place and by utilizing cameras specifically designed to provide a visual deterrent.

WCCTV's construction site security cameras can be customized with integrated blue flashing lights, sirens, and audio-voice down features, and these unmistakable warning signs often provide enough of a deterrent to stop criminals in their tracks. 

Check out how this works for yourself in the video below:

They Stop Crime on Your Construction Sites in Real-Time 

WCCTV’s mobile video surveillance systems provide real-time automated alerts of unauthorized activity on your job sites. 

These alerts can be sent directly to our video monitoring partners, who will verify the threat and dispatch Law Enforcement or mobile security guards to protect your sites.

The video below from a recent project perfectly demonstrates how this works.

An unauthorized vehicle enters the site and ignores the blue light siren from WCCTV’s security camera. Our monitoring partners immediately contact the police, who arrive on-site in minutes and seize the intruders' vehicle.

They Capture Key Evidence for Law Enforcement Investigations 

On occasion, the presence of security cameras will fail to deter criminal activity and/or law enforcement may not be able to respond quickly enough to apprehend a trespasser.

In those cases, the high-definition video footage captured by WCCTV’s security cameras can provide vital evidence for law enforcement to follow up on.

The images below illustrate this scenario perfectly.

WCCTV’s Solar Surveillance Trailer detects an unauthorized vehicle entering a construction job site and records an intruder attempting to force entry into a site cabin.

He quickly gave up the attempt and left the site empty-handed, with the vehicle passing directly underneath the WCCTV Surveillance Trailer.

The vehicle's license plate details were captured in high-definition (redacted here) and forwarded to Law Enforcement to investigate.

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Security Cameras Help Reduce Guarding Costs

A remotely monitored security camera acts as a virtual security guard. They deliver all the benefits of having a physical security guard on site, but at anything up to 88% cheaper.

The lower price point doesn't mean any reduction in quality, though. Security cameras can spot incidents over a much larger area, even in low lighting, capture video evidence, and, most importantly, they're always awake and always on guard!

WCCTV has previously outlined the key benefits of utilizing remote monitoring services for your security cameras; click the link to read more.

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Security Cameras Help Reduce Insurance Premiums

Enhancing your job site security with a mobile surveillance camera will naturally reduce the risk of theft and vandalism. This, in turn, can help reduce your liability claims.

Most insurance providers consider this favorably when calculating insurance rates and will offer significantly reduced prices to construction companies utilizing security cameras and other best-practice security measures.  

Security Cameras Help Improve Worker Safety 

Accidents and injuries are a major concern for construction sites, with one in ten workers injured annually

Accidents can happen at any time and can still occur even if you have undertaken a thorough risk assessment at the outset of your project. 

Job Site security cameras can be utilized to provide project overview footage, allowing site managers and foremen to:

  • Conduct remote site audits 24/7/365

  • Review working procedures remotely and/or retrospectively

  • Manage site access (vehicles/pedestrians)

  • Manage access across site boundaries

  • Issue audio alerts

A 24/7/365 video feed from your job sites will help you identify risks and hazards in real time without the need to visit in person.

They Can Document Your Construction in a Time Lapse Video

All of WCCTV's security cameras are construction time lapse video ready. They can capture high-definition images of your construction, demolition or refit projects at timed intervals.

Our creative team will then professionally edit these images into an engaging promotional video clip that will drive engagement for your construction company.

WCCTV has previously detailed why every construction site should have time lapse video cameras installed, given the range of marketing and business development benefits they provide. 

Check out a recent video filmed in 4K ultra-HD below:

WCCTV Construction Time Lapse Video Camera

Cameras Help Protect Against Liability Claims 

Security cameras deployed across job sites can help protect organizations from bogus insurance claims by collecting video evidence of how incidents played out. 

They present the full and true picture of how any onsite event occurred and can help resolve any claims quickly. 

Video Footage Can Be Used For Retrospective Review 

The video footage captured by WCCTV's job site security cameras is stored locally on an integrated 4TB HDD, which can be accessed remotely anytime during the project. 

The footage can be used to review onsite processes, and efficiencies and help improve on-site practices for future projects. 

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Managed Security Cameras Provide Total Peace of Mind

Deploying a WCCTV security camera, backed by remote alarm monitoring, means someone is always watching your sites when you're not there. 

Rather than worry about late-night call-outs, and having to check on your sites over the weekend or holidays - why not leave it to the experts and have complete peace of mind that your sites and properties are in the best hands?

Get in touch with WCCTV today for a no-obligation quote.

Learn more about WCCTV's Construction Site Security Cameras

WCCTV a Security Camera for Every Construction Site

WCCTV's customizable job site security solutions can accommodate any site, and easily function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. Our units contain 4G LTE transmission technology – allowing these solutions to operate autonomously.

No matter the site, we have a solution that we can create for you.

Ready to find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with site security? Get in touch today on 877 805-9475 or email



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